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Reflect on this...

• More people now shop online than in physical stores, including B2B buyers.
• Brochures and trade shows only impact customers for a few days at best.
Woodworkers return ALL YEAR LONG to Woodezine's databases and news.
• Your ad can tell them what they need to know - every single day of the year.
• Our display ads run less than $500 a year on average - less than daily coffee!

Advertising on WoodEzine is as easy as 1-2-3...
Send a 300 dpi ad as a JPG to the email address below (or we can build an ad for you for $99).
We'll tell you the cost (square inches) of your ad, and if you approve you can pay for it here.
Within 48 hours, your ad will go live for one full year.


• Send us your artwork at 300 dpi. (We prefer to convert it to 72 dpi in-house)
• Display and banner ads are just $25 per square inch at 72 dpi for a full year.
• Your ad is linked directly to your website (or another destination of your choosing).
• All ads are prepaid for one calendar year.
• We send you a 30 day reminder before the anniversary every year.
• You can change your ad content (same square inches) once a year at no cost.
• Additional changes cost 25% each time.
• Most placement requests can be accommodated.

• Assuming the trend from April 1 through June 15 holds, visits in 2017 will be about 82,450.
• The site should see about one million hits in 2017.

BHSW Inc., dba WoodEzine, has started accepting ads again as of June 2017. For almost a decade, our content development for other entities had precluded it.

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