Media Kit started accepting ads again in late summer 2017.
For almost a decade, our content development for other entities had precluded it.

• In 2018, WoodEzine is hosting a little over 31,500 readers
• Our readership grows every month.

• 58% of those woodworkers visit multiple times each month.
• The average visit generates more than 10 hits.

Advertising in WoodEzine is very...

Most ads run about $500 for an entire year

Display (vertical) ads are $25 per square inch at 72 dpi for a full year (min 5 sq in, max 50).
Banner (horizontal) ads are $25 per square inch at 72 dpi for a full year (min 5, max 50).
Keyword ads are just $25 for a full year, for up to 70 characters.

We'll do most of the legwork
1. Send a 300 dpi ad as a JPG to the email address below, or we can build your ad for $99.
2. We'll quote it, and you can pay here. (Don't forget to select the number of square inches.)
3. Within about 48 hours, your ad will go live for one full year. That's it.

...and flexible
Change your ad when new products are introduced

• Your ad is linked directly to your website (or another destination of your choosing).
• After you pay for an ad, it runs for an entire year from the date it goes live.
• If you like, we'll send you a 30 day reminder before the anniversary every year.
• You can change your ad content (with the same square inches) once a year at no cost.
• You can change your ad as often as you like for a 25% fee each time.
• Most page placement requests can be accommodated. We run ads on these pages...

An e-Zine is just an online magazine (no printed copies).
Here are some great reasons for advertising with us...

• Our online ads can introduce your new products to readers months sooner than a print ad.
• Your ad can be any shape or size, always in full color, and live linked to your site.
• We publish every day – and that's sixty times as often as most print magazines!
• An ad in Woodezine costs a small fraction of the price of a print ad.
• We’ll run your ad for a year - and charge less than 1 insertion in most print mags!
• Online publishing is environmentally responsible...

  - No trees die to print Woodezine
- We use no toxic inks
- Not a drop of oil, gas or diesel is used to deliver each issue
- No paper mill waste is added to a landfill
- And no old magazines are, either...


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