October 2019

Woodworking news and new products

The Grizzly Model G0854Compact Automatic Edgebander


G0854 Compact Automatic Edgebander

Grizzly Industrial says that the G0854 has "everything you need in an edgebander for thousands less than a full-size model". The feed and flush trim motors are each 3⁄4 HP, 220V, single-phase, drawing just 3.6 Amps apiece. The machine can band panels from 1⁄2" to 1-3⁄4" thick at 16 FPM (automatic belt feed). The work table is 69-3⁄4" x 10-1⁄2", and the minimum workpiece length and width is 11" x 4-3⁄4". The G0854 is equipped with a digital control panel, teflon-coated glue pot with five heating elements, motorized glue spreader, pneumatic edgebanding and end-trimming guillotines, upper and lower flush trimming units with analog readout, an extendable side bar to accommodate larger panels, a built-in air regulator and two 4" dust ports. It weighs approximately 633 lbs.

Heavy Duty Impact Drivers

A new family of drivers from Panasonic includes the high torque EY7552X (shown larger) as tool only or in a kit; the brushless EY75A5X that has both 1/2" square drive and 1/4" quick change bit holders; and the brushless EY75A4X with 1/4" quick change. The high torque wrench delivers 346 foot pounds and has a patented twin hammer design that increases both speed and torque while decreasing noise. These are compact, powerful tools that come with variable speed and an electric brake, and the option of running a 4.2 Ah high capacity lithium nickel battery. Their IP56 rating means the tools have passed demanding laboratory tests related to working in extremely dusty and wet work environments.


New impact drivers from Panasonic

Makita XCU08 and XCU 09 cordless chainsaws


Two New Cordless Chainsaws

Makita U.S.A., Inc. says that its new battery powered chainsaws, the 14" XCU08 and the 16" XCU09, can cut up to 25% faster than a 30 cc gas chain saw. Each of these brushless, top-handle saws uses two 18 Volt batteries. Their compact size makes them ideal for wood turners and timber framers. Both have a variable speed trigger and high chain speed (0-3,940 FPM). Torque Boost Mode helps the saws cut through thick and hard branches. They have a 3/8” LP, .43" sprocket nose guide bar and chain, plus bumper spikes, a captured guide bar nut and lateral chain tensioning. Users can automatically adjust chain lubrication with a large oil reservoir that has a view window. A built-in lock-off lever helps prevent the blade from accidentally engaging and there's an auto power-off function, plus a rear attachment point. Both are available in bare tool and kit versions.

Storage Cases for Bits, Drivers

DeWALT's new ToughCase®+ sets are the latest addition to the brand's accessory storage, and they have some interesting features. The system includes four container sizes with newly-designed bit storage, and a unique bit bar position that allows easy removal of bits. Clear lids let users see what's in the case at a glance. One really cool feature is that several of them include a proprietary latch system that lets a woodworker connect them to each other, for optimized storage. Plus, the Small unit fits into any one of the others and helps keeps loose materials organized. The sets are available with Max Fit® Bits, FlexTorq® Bits, Tough Grip™ Bits and more. Prices range from $5.99 to $39.99 MSRP.


New organizers from DeWALT

George Vondriska's upcoming class schedule


Upcoming Woodworking Classes

This fall, resin artsist Jess Crow will be teaching at George Vondriska's woodworking school in Hammond, Wisconsin (it's about an hour east of Minneapolis/St. Paul). If you've been intrigued by the idea of adding resin (epoxy) to your arsenal of shop tricks, here's your chance to learn from one of the best. George will be teaching several classes himself at the school over the next few months, and he's also going to be on the road a lot. In November, he'll be at the Rockler store in Salem, NH, doing a band saw class called Logs to Lumber. And in April he'll be conducting a cabinetmaking class at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Franklin, Indiana. In this five day class each student will make a two-drawer, two-door face frame cabinet with Euro hinges, full extension drawer slides, pocket holes and raised panels.

Lamello 50th Anniversary Savings

Lamello USA, a division of Colonial Saw, wants to help woodshops celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lamello A.G. with some special factory offers available now through the end of the year, or while supplies last. The Jubilee editions of the Zeta P2 machines are identical to the regular versions except for special 50th anniversary badges... and a greatly-reduced price. The carbide cutter version of the Jubilee Zeta P2 is currently only $1,395, while the diamond cutter version sells for $1,495. Jubilee P-System connector kits, packaged in attractive and durable Systainer cases, are also available while supplies last or until the end of the year. These kits are a representative cross-section of the P-System family of connectors at a good value price, and they're a great way to get organized.


Lamello Turns 50 and offers big savings

Atlantic to import G.M.C. SRL of Carpi, Italy


Italian Made Panel Saws

Atlantic Machinery in New Milford, Connecticut is now the exclusive importer and distributor in North America of GMC panel saws. The Italian manufacturer has been in business for over 50 years and builds one-piece, welded-frame (monoblock) machines for wood, solid surface and composites in a variety of manual, automatic and electronic programmable models. Cutting capacity ranges from 4'x8' to 7'x17', with an automatic moving grid standard on all models. Some of the options are a true split scoring blade, the ability to add a V-grooving cutter, dual metric and English measurement scales, and an electronic digital measurement systems for both horizontal and vertical cutting. GMC saws also offer an electrically controlled MFP grid designed for working with very thin material and/or very small panels that could fall between conventional horizontal back grid supports. This device also cuts dust emissions by up to 30%.

Another Lumber Mill Closes

Is this a trend? In August, WoodEzine reported that Roseburg Forest Products laid off about 90 employees at its plant in Dillard, Oregon. This week the Skagit Valley Herald in Mt Vernon, Washington reported that Tacoma based Northwest Hardwoods is closing a mill that employs 70 people. Reporter Jacqueline Allison says the closure is "due to ongoing trade disputes between the United States and China, the company announced this week". A statement given to the Herald from a company spokesman noted that "This difficult decision was made after exploring all other options and as prospects dimmed for a quick resolution to the U.S. and China trade dispute". Before additional tariffs were introduced this week, several sources have reported that existing ones had already caused a 43% decline in hardwood exports, with a loss to U.S. sales in excess of $600 billion.


Sawmills closing

Glue Devil wood glue


Who Knew? A New Glue...

"Wood Glue" from Glue Devil is now available in North America. The company is a market leader in South Africa and is just beginning to offer high quality adhesives in North America. Wood Glue is a fast-drying, multi-purpose polyvinyl acetate (PVA) that dries by evaporation without heat to form a tough, sturdy, non-visible bond. It dries clear and works with hardwoods, softwoods and processed panels. If Wood Glue is used outdoors, or if it will be exposed to moisture, it needs to be coated with paint or varnish once dry. In cold weather or if the wood is slightly moist, it needs to be clamped for a longer period of time. Wood Glue will also work with paper, cardboard, stone, cloth, leather, felt and other materials. It's water-based, non-toxic and non-flammable. And it comes in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1liter bottles, plus 5 liter and 25 liter buckets and a 25liter drum. Glue Devil's Wood Glue will be available on amazon.com and eBay.com, and through an online store that will open in a few weeks.

Artificial Stone is a Health Risk

Every now and then WoodEzine needs to report a story that disturbs as much as it informs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have just issued a report titled "Severe Silicosis in Engineered Stone Fabrication Workers" that directly affects cabinet shops that supply artificial stone countertops. National Public Radio (NPR) aired a follow-up story on October 2nd, by reporter Nell Greenfield Boyce, that ran as "Workers Are Falling Ill, Even Dying, After Making Kitchen Countertops". Shops that supply manmade stone countertops for kitchens and baths should visit the links.


Silica and manmade countertops



Cordless Worm Drive

Slated to hit the shelves this month, the new battery powered circular saw (model SPTH77M-22) from Skil's professional tools division looks quite impressive. It runs on the company's True HVL™ (high voltage lithium) 48-Volt battery, and it has already won a 2019 Pro Tool Innovation (PTIA) award. Skil says that this is "the only cordless saw with worm drive gearing". It has all-magnesium construction with a brushless motor and an electric brake. It comes with next generation Stay Cool™ cell technology, where each battery cell is wrapped with a temperature controlling material that keeps the cells cool to provide better performance. And the unique arrangement of battery cells evenly distributes heat, to extend run times. It also has Skil's Intelligent Power Management System that monitors and optimizes each battery cell to maximize power, performance and run time.

Add Decorative Mesh to Cabinets

Wire mesh in interior design is a hot option and Richelieu has introduced a new collection of decorative mesh in new styles and finishes. Each ranges in transparency from highly opaque to almost translucent, and they come in a variety of industrial, classic, and modern styles. The mesh is available in multiple finishes and is woven for strength. Made from 80 per cent post-consumer recycled content, the mesh can contribute to LEED credits. Integrated into a kitchen or entrance hall, it adds texture and character to wood cabinets or paneling, enhancing their beauty and warmth. Or it can be used to enhance the ambiance of restaurants or specific spaces in hotels, retail stores and other commercial locations. Click on the image at right to go to the wire mesh page on the Richelieu website, where you can search by color, transparency (grid size) or design.


Richelieu Hardware now offers a decorative wire mesh program

Pull-outs from Western Dovetail


Custom Pull-Outs to Fit Any Opening

Western Dovetail now offers a multi-tiered pantry pull-out, custom sized to order. Several suppliers offer pre-made units, but a woodshop needs to plan ahead for those and build the cabinet around the available sizes. Now a shop can call in the cabinet opening (this is so new that it's not yet available on the website) and Western Dovetail will design and build a rock solid drawer made to fit. It can use Blum Tandem™ or Movento™ slides that are easy to open, soft-closing, and with simple adjustments, or be adapted to hardware you choose. It can mount to a cabinet door and pull out as a single unit, or have its own front and pull out from behind a door. It can be made to fit in smaller spaces under the top drawer, fill a base cabinet height up to 28" tall, or work in tall pantry cabinets over 60" tall. Pull-outs can be as narrow as 4-1/2" or as wide as 24". It can also house knife blocks, spice steps, hair dryers or curling irons.

Table Mount for Portable Oscillating Sander

The Triton TSPSP650 is a portable, hand-held oscillating spindle sander that's designed for controlled, burn-free edge-sanding on projects such as cabinets, signs, sink openings and the like. Rockler Woodworking & Hardware in Minneapolis has created an auxiliary plate (item 53061) that turns the sander into a stationary benchtop tool. The plate drops into the company's popular Convertible Benchtop Router Table (51984), so woodworkers can take it along to the jobsite, or use it at the workbench. It replaces the tool's factory baseplate, and allows the user to switch from table-mounted use to handheld use without switching plates. The Triton tool has dual-action rotating and vertical oscillation, and a 650 Watt motor that operates at a variable speed range from 1800 to 3200 RPM.


Rockler's convertible benchtop sanding table 53061

Rev-A-Shelf sponsors Homes For Our Troops


Thank You, Bryan

In 2007, Army Sergeant Bryan Camacho was serving with the 1-87 Infantry, 10th Mountain Division in Hawija, Iraq. An IED broke his back and paralyzed him from the waist down. In 2014, Bryan’s adapted truck spun out on ice and rolled into a ditch, breaking his neck and paralyzing him from the neck down. Rev-A-Shelf is proud to be a three-year national sponsor of the nonprofit organization, Homes for Our Troops (HFOT), which builds specially adapted, mortgage-free homes nationwide for severely injured Veterans of post 9/11. The company furnishes homes with cabinet storage and organization accessories, providing optimal accessibility. Rev-A-Shelf's Chris Justice and country legend and HFOT spokesperson Wynonna Judd were among those who welcomed Sgt. Camacho and his family to their new home on Saturday, September 21st, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Build an Industrial Cart

During October, woodworkers can offer a touch of Americana to customer with a coffee table built using a nostalgic Industrial Cart hardware kit. Osborne Wood Products in Toccoa, Georgia says that a shop can add wood supports and a wood (or glass) top to build a unique conversation starter. These carts were once the workhorses of factories, depots and railroads. Included are all of the hardware pieces needed including wheels, the axle, corner braces and attachment hardware. The parts are all fabricated from heavy duty cast-iron, and the large wheels are a full 15" in diameter. One can also insert 2x4s in the corner braces, for vertical uprights. Item 342197 lists at $556.50 and is 20% off in October (use promo code SNN342197).


Industrial cart hardware from Osborne

BlueCell training by Eurosoft Inc


Nesting and Optimization Training

From November 13th through the 15th, Eurosoft Inc. will offer training in its BlueCell optimization, nesting and automation software at the company's facility in Cary, NC. The first day is introductory for new users, followed by two days covering more advanced subjects. Attendees will spend on one time with experts, learn pro tips and tricks, and receive training on programming their own scripts, writing SQL queries and designing custom reports. Each attendee will receive a copy of the training manual, which is filled with in-depth examples of topics that will be covered in the training session, and which will serve as a useful reference for years to come. BlueCell can explore hundreds of thousands of solutions in just a matter of seconds, producing optimized patterns in a fraction of the time required by other software. Optimized results can be transferred directly to panel saws and routers using post-processors, which generate cutting instructions for machines in their own native language. The software also makes it easy to import from spreadsheets, databases, and files from other software, using user-definable import templates.

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