A Marquetry Course By Alan Mansfield
of the Redbridge Marquetry Group, U.K.

Introduction: More Art Than Craft (first published in the December 2004 issue of WoodEzine)
The Basic Tool Kit (January 2005)
Papers, Potions and Fillers (February 2005)
Let's Make a Picture! (March 2005)
Using Veneer "Faults"(April 2005)
Figured Veneers and Sand Shading (May 2005)
Fine Lines and Coloring Veneers (June 2005)
Natural Coloring (July 2005)
Blending Veneers (September 2005)
Magnifiers & Special Lighting (October 2005)

Also, check out Alan's PDF on photo realism in marquetry

And here's a link to a review that Alan wrote for us some years ago on Silas Kopf's DVD, The Master Techniques of Marquetry

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