Media Kit

Now in its seventeenth year, WoodEzine is an e-zine (online-only magazine) that is published by BHSW in Belle Fourche, SD.
Its focus is to let professional and serious amateur woodworkers know what's new in tools, machines, robotics, CNC and materials.
welcomed 117,135 online visits in 2019 (monthly average 9,761), and had 700,531 hits. Our circulation grows steadily every year. Thank you, readers.

Our ads are a tiny fraction of the cost of a print ad in a magazine, and they're published for an entire year. Your message appears in each monthly issue, and all twelve issues are live because we get a lot of people going through recent issues looking for news. The key to great advertising is repeat exposure, and it simply doesn't get any better than this.
There are two ways to advertise...

Display Ads
The e-zine includes a 300-dpi wide column at the right of every page on the site. You can see an example here. Ads in this column can be of any length, and of course the price depends on the length. On the monthly news pages, the price is $180 a column inch (300 dpi wide and 72 dpi tall) for AN ENTIRE YEAR OF EXPOSURE. Most ads are well under $500 for the entire year.
To determine your price, just multiply the length in dpi by 2.5. For example, if your ad is 132 dpi tall, the price will be $330.
Yes, that's per year, not per month.

Advertisers can change their display ads up to three times a year (same size art) for a $25 processing fee each time, so this is a very inexpensive way to introduce new products.

On all other pages, the per inch rate is $144 (to determine the cost, just multiply the length in dpi by 2).

Banner Ads
WoodEzine will publish up to two banner ads on each page (top and bottom, in the wider left-hand column).
These banners cost $25 a square inch (72 dpi x 72 dpi), and are 900 dpi wide.
For example, the banner for AAW on the turning page is 900 dpi wide and 105 tall, which comes to 18.23 square inches.
A banner this size costs $455.75 plus tax per year, which is the equivalent of just $37.98 a month.
Note that you can reach more than 6,000 woodworkers a month for that price.
(Or you could get half a cup of coffee a day at a certain Seattle based brew shop...)

Buying an ad doesn't get any easier...
1. Send us an email (scroll down for the email address), to let us know you're interested.
2. You can attach an ad, or we can help you create one if you attach some art/photos to your email, or point us to a web page.
3. We'll send you a quote/insertion order.
4. Send your signed order and check to BHSW, 606 6th Avenue, Belle Fourche SD 57717. Or call us with a card.
5. After that, your ad will usually be posted within two days (or 10 days if you pay with a check), and will remain up for one year.
6. We'll send you a reminder in 11 months or so, asking whether you'd like to renew.


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