October, 2017


Harbor Freight Tools supports Schools and Skilled Workers

On October 30, Harbor Freight Tools announced that it has honored U.S. public schools, students and shop teachers with an impressive $500,000 in prizes designed to "help build industrial strength classrooms for the 21st century". There is an urgent need in the woodworking industry for skilled workers, and there is also a great need in U.S. public schools to train non-college bound students in vocational skills. As a response to both, Harbor Freight Tools for Schools was founded by Eric Smidt, the co-founder, owner and CEO of Harbor Freight Tools. The program's goals are to offer opportunity, boost graduation rates, provide paths to good jobs and help create the talented workforce that our country needs. Harbor Freight Tools is headquartered in Calabasas, California, and operates a chain of more than 700 physical retail stores in 47 states, plus mail-order and eCommerce businesses. It employs more than 17,000 people in the U.S. The schools program is a philanthropic outreach of The Smidt Foundation, and it "grew from Eric’s love of tools, deep respect for the skilled trades, and guiding desire to create real opportunity for kids who love to build, fix and create".

Hearne Hardwoods Supports Habitat For Humanity

Hearne Hardwoods in Oxford, Pennsylvania held an open house on the last couple of days of September, and raised almost $5,000 for Habitat for Humanity in Chester County. There was a live sawmill demo (that's a walnut log at right), tables of antique tools, a walking tour of the yard, music and food, specials on some exotic and domestic boards, a raffle - one lucky attendee won a massive sapele board - and Rick Hearne auctioned off a sawn cherry log for charity. The company carries more than 140 species of hardwoods including bird-seye maple, amboyna burl, bookmatched 40+" paduak, koa in both large flitches and dimensional lumber, rosewood, snakewood and French walnut, to name a few. With a million board feet in stock, it is one of the largest specialty lumberyards in the world.



Wood Students Design/Build Governor's Award

On October 26th, Pennsylvania's chief executive Tom Wolf presented the 2017 Pennsylvania Governor’s Awards in the Arts at the Lancaster County Convention Center. According to a report by Dylan Lyle, a staff writer at The Penn (Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s student newspaper), some students in IUP's Wood Center collaborated on the design and production of the award. In fact, an advanced woodworking class under the instruction of artist-in-residence John Hallett, actually built it. According to B. A. Harrington, director of the Wood Center and an assistant professor of art: "this is the first time that students have been responsible for the design and production of the awards." And Lyle also noted that while students have been involved in production in the past, this was the first time they also chose the design. Harrington described that as a melding of the Liberty Bell and a keystone, and John Miller, the student whose design was chosen, commented on his reasoning: "Artistic expression is the keystone of liberty. Without liberty, there can be no artistic expression. Without artistic expression, there is no liberty."

New Plunge Saws from Mafell

Two new saws from the German manufacturer Mafell are designed for portable, accurate work - both on the jobsite and in the shop. The KSS 50 18M bl (shown) is an 18-volt cordless model, while the K 55 cc (which looks similar) is corded. Both make high-quality cuts to a depth of 58 millimeters (2-1/4"), and the cross-cutting system's track allows for cuts up to 24" wide. These are state-of-the-art saws and carry a fairly hefty price tag (WoodEzine found the cordless model for €950, or about $1,108 US, in Germany). European professionals prize them for their high quality, engineering, durability and accuracy. The company also makes a number of timber framing tools such as chain and slot mortisers, portable band saws, and portable drill press stands. Mafell is represented in the U.S. by Timberwolf Tools.



Roseburg's Changing Focus

Roseburg has been an Oregon softwoods supplier since 1936. The company made a substantial acquisition in late September of some 158,000 acres of timber in the coastal region of North Carolina and southeastern Virginia. Then in mid-October, Roseburg announced that it will sell its California timberlands to an investment vehicle managed by New Forests. The transaction includes 170,000 acres in northern California, largely in Siskiyou and Shasta counties. Prior to the southeastern acquisition, Roseburg owned and sustainably managed over 630,000 acres of timberland in Oregon and California, largely composed of Douglas fir. New Forests, which is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, manages more than 2 million acres around the world. The move is part of an effort to expand Roseburg’s national footprint, which includes a planned engineered wood plant in South Carolina and an existing veneer facility in Weed, California.

Potlatch and Deltic Combine

Potlatch Corporation in Spokane, Washington has combined with Arkansas-based Deltic Timber Corporation in an all-stock transaction, and the combined company will be named PotlatchDeltic Corporation (PCH on the Nasdaq). According to a press release from Potlatch, the new company is expected to have a net worth of about $3.3 billion, and employ more than 1,500 people across its extensive timberland and lumber manufacturing portfolio. Potlatch stockholders will own approximately 65% of the combined company, and Deltic stockholders will own approximately 35% on a fully diluted basis. Potlatch is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that owns approximately 1.4 million acres of forestland in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Minnesota and Mississippi. The company also operates five manufacturing facilities that produce lumber and panel products. Deltic's operations are located primarily in Arkansas and northern Louisiana, and it owns 530,000 acres of timberland



Woodturners Can Now Visit NY Warehouse

Exotic Woods USA supplies turners with bowl blanks, squares, knife and pen blanks, burls and more. The company has now opened its warehouse in East Northport, New York (inside the Romeo Flooring Center) to the public. Hours are by appointment only (call 631-651-8651) from 10am to 4pm, Tuesday through Friday. The company carries species from Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, India, Mexico, Central America and the United States, among others. All woods have been either air dried, kiln dried or fully waxed to prevent cracking or checking. The moisture content can vary from piece to piece, and further drying may be needed. Kiln dried pieces are usually noted on the company's online shopping cart, but getting this information from processing mills overseas is not always easy to do. Many of the pieces have been treated with paraffin wax and/or anchor sealer to help prevent cracking. To remove the wax/sealer, simply scrape or sand the wood. In rare cases, one may have to use a wax remover. There are some galleries of customers' work on the website.

New Families of Screwdrivers From Irwin

In late July, Irwin Tools introduced a comprehensive new screwdriver offering that includes multi-bit drivers, a Performance Series screwdriver and nut driver family, a TorqueZone screwdriver family, and a range of hex keys and accessories. The new multi-bit screwdrivers are designed to address a variety of requirements and challenges that professionals face on the job, from quick changes to access in hard-to-reach spaces. They can be used with any standard fastener bits and allow bits to be quickly and easily switched between hand tools and power tools. The 8-in-1 crewdriver (item 1948773, shown at right) is compatible with standard double-ended bits, power bits, and insert bits. It also features compact, in-handle bit storage for easy accessibility to 2 double-ended bits and 1 insert bit. Also among the new tools is the Screw Guide Driver (1948776), which has a magnetic metal sleeve that extends out over the screw to keep fasteners straight, eliminate wobble and keep the screw from falling off.



Carbide Demo Blades

Two new carbide-tipped reciprocating saw blades have just been introduced by Lenox Tools in Massachusetts. Called the Lazer CT™ and the Demolition CT™, they feature high performance carbides that are welded to increase durability and prevent tooth loss. Lazer CT delivers up to ten times the life and fast performance cutting of stainless steel. A tall blade profile facilitates straight cuts, and the blade also delivers advanced performance when cutting non-ferrous metals, plus ferrous metals with a variety of thicknesses, and threaded rod. It is available in 4", 6" and 9" lengths. The new generation of Demolition CT reciprocating saw blades are designed for tough, nail-embedded wood applications. Each tooth is precision ground on multiple surfaces, creating optimum angles that allow the blade to cut through nails with ease. The thick blade profile provides increased durability and greater control, and they are available in 6", 9" and 12" lengths.

High Quality Turning Accessories

Kentucky-based Easy Wood Tools has introduced a new, made in the USA live center and also a cone set, for wood turners. The live center ($119.99) has a #2 Morse taper, and its nose cup is threaded at 3/4-10 for accessories such as the cone. There's a 5/16" knockout through hole. It has sealed and lubricated precision angular contact bearings, so it requires no maintenance and can handle both thrust (straight on) and radial loads. Combined with a high quality radial bearing in the nose, the live center is very accurate and engineered for long life. The larger 4" diameter cone set threads into the 3/4-10 hole in the live center, and it is machined from 6061 aluminum. The point cone is 1-1/" diameter. The cone set sells for $55.99.



Seeing Is Believing

California-based Micro Fence has released new light rings for both of its plunge bases. These bases are superbly engineered, U.S. made, aftermarket upgrades that offer "silky smooth plunge action, extreme stability and precision, along with maximum visibility". The new lights, mounted on a printed circuit-board ring, feature six LED bulbs that bathe the work area with the most brilliant light in the industry. Available in two sizes for the Plunge and Micro Plunge bases, they provide virtually shadow-free illumination and come in either battery or mains versions (the latter includes a 12V AC/DC adapter with a ten foot cord). Also included are hook and loop self-adhering dots for attachment, an alcohol wipe, wire ties and instructions. Micro Fence has also just released a new, expanded, easy-to-navigate website with a shopping cart that features the most secure protections available.

Another Child Dies From Dresser Tipping Over

Last November IKEA® published a press release about the company's recall of some 29 million MALM and other models of chests and dressers, due to a serious tip-over hazard. This week, the Daily Mail, ABC News and other media outlets reported the tragic death of an eighth child in this harrowing story. News of the passing of two-year-old Jozef Dudek in California last May came to light this week when his family's attorney spoke about the loss. WoodEzine urges furniture designers to click on the links above and familiarize themselves with the nature of the problem. Apparently, when the drawers are extended the fulcrum (balancing point) moves toward the front of the dresser. Toddlers have been known to use the drawers as a ladder. A deeper, or possibly less tall design might be safer. The physical weight of the materials may also be a factor. The image at right is from the IKEA press release.



Moisture Meter Package For Flooring

New Jersey based Delmhorst Instrument Co. is a leading U.S. manufacturer of moisture meters and thermo-hygrometers, and offers an offers an array of moisture meters for various flooring needs. Delmhorst recently released its TotalCheck Wood Package, which centers on the company's 3-in-1 TotalCheck meter and adds a combination of electrodes and accessories for various flooring jobs. Whether it’s identifying a moisture problem on an installed floor, testing a sub-floor prior to installation, or checking ambient RH and temperature conditions, the TotalCheck Wood Package has it covered. Beyond the meter, the package includes a carrying case, a 26-ES hammer type electrode - the standard for testing the percentage of moisture content (MC) through flooring and into subfloors, a 2-E electrode for testing prior to installation, an RHT-S/1 RH/temperature sensor with fast, accurate response time, an MCS-1 moisture content standard to verify calibration of pin meter, and ten (10) additional #496 insulated contact pins. Paul Laurenzi, vice president of sales and marketing at the company says that "assuring the wood flooring and subfloor is dry will lead to fewer call-backs and increased profits".

Dremel Unveils New Desktop Laser

A Maker Faire event was held in New York at the end of September, and Dremel® took that opportunity to introduce its new, first-of-its-kind DigiLab Laser Cutter, which will be rolled out in 2018. As the brand's latest addition to its lineup of digital fabrication tools, it has the ability to customize a variety of materials quicker and easier than ever before. It can slice through materials such as wood, acrylic, leather and paper, as well as neatly engrave tougher surfaces such as glass and anodized metal. Dremel president John Kavanagh said that it "allows a level of precision you just can't get by hand." Users can import designs, and an on-board camera can also add files to a library. This is the only laser cutter on the market with automatic safety sensors to alert users to a problem, and provide an immediate solution. Dremel is a subsidiary of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation in Mount Prospect, Illinois.



New Cordless Saw from DeWALT®

In early October, DeWALT launched its new Flexvolt® 7-1/4” worm drive style saw (DCS577). It has an electronic brake and a bevel capacity of 53 degrees, with stops at 45 and 22-1/2. Featuring a magnesium shoe and a brushless motor, it can cut to 2-7/16" at 90 degrees. There's a rafter hook to hang it up between cuts. An integrated dust blower clears the line of sight while cutting, and there's onboard blade wrench storage. It runs at 5800 RPM, and the tool weighs 10.87 lbs. It is available with one of two batteries, a 6 Ah or a 9 Ah. The designation Ah is ampere hour, and it's the amount of energy charge in a battery that will allow one ampere of current to flow for one hour. All DeWALT high powered cordless tools comes with a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract and 90-day money-back guarantee.

Use Metal In Your Furniture Building?

If you do, you may be interested in two new ranges of industrial vertical grinders from Chicago Pneumatic. The company launched its CP3330 and CP3340 series on October 15, and says they remove material up to twice as fast compared to similar tools on the market. Equipped with powerful governed motors (3.7 hp for CP3330 and 4.5 hp for CP3340), both versions are available in speeds of 6000 RPM and 8500 RPM. They have a unique over-speed shut-off device that reduces the risks of abrasive-related incidents (caused by excessive air pressure or governor malfunction from debris in the air flow). Other safety features include a high resistance protective wheel guard, and a streamlined safety lever which is easy to use while wearing heavy gloves. All models in the CP3330 and CP3340 series comply with ANSI and OSHA safety regulations, and both are available for use with 7" and 9" abrasive grinding and cutting wheels, and 6" cup wheels.



Stability and Dust Control For Routers

Betterley Industries is tackling dust abatement on hand-held routers with its STACC-VAC router base. It provides stability, accuracy, and safety while alleviating airborne dust. The large base is 7" X 11" and has an outboard knob for control. The base is machined from 1/2" thick aluminium, and the integrated vacuum system and adjustable dust deflector capture over 95% of dust generated in most typical routing applications. It woks with solid surfaces, solid wood and sheet goods, and mounts easily to most routers. An optional sub-base allows for the use of template guides. The base shields and protects workers from flying debris and the exposed bit. It is ideal for most applications - edge profiles, rabbets and dadoes, grooves - and accepts bits up to 3-1/2" diameter with an optional sub-base. It also helps keep the vacuum hose out of the way above the material and base.

Kyocera To Buy Ryobi

Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. (TTI) is a multi-national corporation with U.S. headquarters in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Among its brands are Milwaukee Tools, AEG, Homelite and Ryobi. On October 5th, the Japanese corporation Kyocera announced that it will become the majority (80%) shareholder in the power tool division of Ryobi, effective in January 2018. This is essentially an acquisition of the manufacturing facilities that are based in China, and not a purchase of TTI. Kyocera is based in Kyoto and, among other things, it manufactures cutting tools for the metal, plastics and wood industries worldwide. It has U.S. headquarters in Hendersonville, North Carolina, and is "expanding sales of products from its core of indexable tools to solid carbide tools, woodworking tools, as well as power tools for the construction industry", according to the press release. To that end, Kyocera purchased SENCO Holdings Inc. in August 2017.



Lie-Nielsen Offers 3rd Issue of Mortise & Tenon

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, based in Warren, Maine, has just added the third annual issue of Mortise & Tenon magazine to its catalog. In 2016, Joshua Klein launched this annual print magazine celebrating the preservation, research, and recreation of historic furniture, and offering a fresh take on the efficiency and viability of working wood by hand. In this new issue, readers will find a personal exploration of the art versus craft dichotomy by Danielle Rose Byrd; an elegant tree-to-finish side table project by Michael Updegraff; and an enlightening tour and reconstruction of some forgotten tools of the past by Brendan Bernhardt Gaffney. Editor, author, and publisher Joshua Klein is a furniture maker and conservator living in Blue Hill, Maine. He was educated at the National Institute of Wood Finishing in Rosemount, Minnesota and is a renowned expert in hand-tool furniture making. His conservation shop is located in Brooklin, Maine and he can be found online at Klein Furniture Restoration.

Stiles Supports Training Center for Woodworkers

Stiles Machinery Inc. is a strong supporter of a new National Training Center located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Manufacturing Industry Learning Lab (MiLL) celebrated its grand opening on October 5th. This is a program dedicated to empowering the next generation of manufacturing professionals, and doing so through advanced training courses in lean manufacturing. In support of these efforts, Stiles Machinery has contributed several state-of-the-art woodworking machines. Those will be used in conjunction with a hands-on training approach that is designed to provide MiLL students with a unique educational experience in modern-day manufacturing. The MiLL is the first national training center of its kind, designed to educating future leaders in wood manufacturing, construction and cabinet finishing.



Weinig Makes Big Investment in Holz-Her

There was a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony at the Holz-Her production facility in Voitsberg, Austria, at the end of September. A new 200,000 square foot facility, budgeted at $5.3M, will be erected for building panel processing machinery. It includes an extension specifically designed for a new CNC milling machine for framework processing. Holz-Her has been part of the Weinig Group since 2010. The company attracted attention at the LIGNA fair this year with its Nextec technology for furniture production (it's basically CNC with no programming). To reflect the significance of the project for the future of the company, the groundbreaking ceremony was attended by both Weinig's Supervisory Board, led by Chairman Thomas Bach, and Weinig’s Management Board.

Reduce Noise, Increase the Chip Caption Degree

In late August, Leuco announced that it had been awarded a European patent for its airStream-System. Tools equipped with this new technology distinguish themselves by a characteristic bore in the body, and are patented by both Leuco and Holz-Her (they are exclusively available for Holz-Her machines). Jointing and edge trimming cutters that have the airStream-System reduce noise and increase the chip caption degree up to 99% on through-feed machines. With standard tools, a high pressure area is created on the face. This in turn creates a low-pressure area behind the cutting edge. Both air pressure areas try to level out. The pressure fluctuations are perceived as noise. With the new tools, an intelligent bore at a precisely defined place on the body prevents the creation of air pressure areas. No pressure fluctuations are caused, and this leads to a sound and noise reduction of 3 dB. Improved chip direction prevents double hogging of the chips, which means longer tool edge lives.



Cordless Saw Uses Two Batteries

Makita® introduced a 36-Volt cordless 6-1/2" plunge circular saw, the XPS01, at the end of July and reviews are very positive. There's an optional guide rail that turns the saw into a jobsite system for reducing panels, trimming doors and so on. According to the company, the variable speed saw "is part of Makita’s expanding 18V LXT® system, which offers 150+ tools and is the world’s largest tool system powered by 18V lithium-ion slide-style batteries [which] have the fastest charge times in their categories". Cut depths are 2-3/16" at 90 degrees and 1-9/16" at 45 degrees, and the base can run as close to a wall as 11/16". There's a brushless motor, soft start, and a built-in depth stop that can be used for scoring. It also has Makita's Star Protection, which allows the saw and battery to 'talk' to each other and protect against overloading, over-discharging and overheating.

New Bath Hardware Collection

Emtek introduced its new Transitional Bath Hardware Collection at the end of September. It "offers a sophisticated yet seamless design, with subtle detailing on each stem and accompanying rosette. Forged from brass and available in seven finishes, the collection includes a towel bar in four sizes, a square towel ring, a bar style paper holder, and a single hook with rosette". The finishes are oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, flat black, polished chrome, polished nickel, satin brass and unlaquered brass. Founded in 1981, Emtek is based in Southern California and encourages customers to mix and match according to taste and needs. Known for high quality, it is a part of the door hardware company ASSA ABLOY.



Leave Your Toolbox at Home

Two new backpacks from Milwaukee Tool are changing the way that woodworkers, especially installers, carry tools, supplies and small items to the jobsite. Designed to replace traditional heavyweight totes and toolboxes, the rugged backpacks come in Low Profile (left) and Ultimate (right) versions. The Low-Profile has 22 pockets and a padded and breathable load-bearing harness that evenly distributes weight. And the Ultimate has a hard molded base plus 48 total pockets, including two hardshell pockets that are designed to protect electronics and equipment from impact. Constructed of 1680D ballistic Material and with rugged metal zippers, these backpacks are "designed for unmatched durability". They're available online at The home Depot, ACME Tools and Toolbarn.


New JLT Clamping System

Shops that produce railings, long posts or face-glued solid wood components up to 16 feet long and 6 inches thick will want to know about JTL's latest system. It's a floorspace saving 52 inches deep and 70 inches tall, and there are up to three levels for increased production. It has heavy-duty steel construction with a 5000 lb capacity, 3-1/2" high jaws and 40" openings; rocker adapter plates for work up to 6" tall; and shim kits for precise clamp alignment. James L. Taylor established his clamp manufacturing company in 1911, and today Taylor Manufacturing, JLT Clamps, and Cameron Automation all reside in the same 100,000 square foot building in Poughkeepsie, New York. The company recently opened a southeast distribution center in Atlanta, Georgia.



Cabinets Trend Toward Rustic Chic

Keeping up with trends in cabinet design can be a harrowing experience, especially if a woodshop is re-doing a showroom. One of the styles that seems to be hot this fall is rustic chic, where flat panel Shaker doors and fronts offer simplicity, while rough materials and earthy color tones - often topped with a glaze - suggest a rural or even frontier pedigree. The two new styles shown here are from Woodland Cabinetry Inc. in Sisseton, South Dakota. Named Rustic Homestead and Rustic Farmstead, the company says that they "bring the slightly weathered look into the modern age. The simple design and natural wood grains give your space a lived-in feeling". The difference between them is in the widths of the styles and rails, the farm-based version having more frame and less panel. Usually paired with wrought or beaten iron pulls, the rustic chic look is often used to add warmth and texture to spaces that might otherwise seem too sterile, contemporary or impersonal.

New 21-Gauge Nailer

Grex USA is known for the quality of its 23-gauge headless pinners, and this new gun fires 21-gauge nails that offer a middle ground between the small holes size left by a 23-gauge pin and the holding strength of an 18-gauge brad nail. The H850LX is the first of its kind to include an integrated edge guide (the darker green item on the bottom of the magazine) that lets a woodworker aim and work faster and more precisely. It has an auto-trigger lockout (prevents dry firing), a large fastener window (to see how many nails are left), a swivel air coupler that helps avoid hose tangles and makes handling a bit easier, and a one-touch lockout override that lets you use the last seven nails. That's handy when you're up a ladder or under a cabinet and the gun tells you that you're almost out. The Posit-Lock™ nose cover dramatically reduces jamming, and a rear exhaust direct air away from you.



20 Volt, 4-Tool Kit

A new four-tool kit from Porter-Cable (item PCCK614L4) runs on the company's powerful 20-Volt MAX battery system and contains a really useful collection of tools. There's a 1/2" drill/driver with a two speed gear box that weighs only 3.5 lbs and has a built-in LED light; a circular saw with a high-performance, 3700 RPM motor and a 6-1/2" carbide tooth blade that has 2-1/8" cutting capacity and a 50 degree beveling shoe; a reciprocating saw with a 1" stroke length, tool free blade release, a variable-speed trigger and a compact design that's only 14.5" in length; and a flashlight with four LED bulbs, a comfortable handle and a pivioting head. The kit also includes a standard battery, a Max Pack battery, a standard charger, a bag/tote, one double-ended screwdriver bit, the 6 ½" 18-tooth circular blade and a 6" woodcutting reciprocating saw blade. We found it on Amazon for under $200.

Safety First, and Custom Cords

Founded in 1965, Milspec Industries, Inc. is based in Los Angeles, California and is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical wire and cable products. Among the company's latest offerings is a line of molded, locking extension cords that should be especially appealing to woodshop installers. The Pro Lock™ connector securely locks a tool's plug into the extension cord, so there's no more need to tie knots. The ends light up to let you know you have juice, the material is crack resistant polycarbonate, and these cords will maintain their flexibility even in temperatures well below freezing. They're also UL listed and cUL approved. Milspec also offers a custom print program where its customers can now customize extension cords for free. By printing its name on cords, a woodshop can deter theft, show its business colors and even print additional information such as a telephone number continuously down the length of its extension cords.



Compact Hybrid Sanders From Festool

Available on October 2nd, the new Festool hybrid sanders (models RTSC 400, DTSC 400 and ETSC 125) will run on battery power... or the electric grid! All three are high performance tools with the capacity to remove extensive material - and also deliver excellent cordless endurance, thanks to an 18-Volt battery pack and brushless EC-TEC motor. With low weight and an optimum center of gravity, they promise comfortable, ergonomic handling. And thanks to innovative Plug-It mains adapters, they can be plugged into the wall for continuous electrical operation when needed. These are truly professional sanders, with or without a cord.

Design/Build Workshop Now Open

Drew Skuce is the CEO of My Valley Workshop located in Brantford, Ontario, and he describes it as a community makerspace, where people of all abilities come together to learn and create. Facilitating both wood and metal working, there are several levels of membership. The Professional Package includes unlimited use of the workshop space plus unlimited access to the design and prototype studio. It's a month-to-month deal with no long-term contracts, and it's currently on sale for $150 a month (regularly $200). New members are required to take and pass a Basic Operations Setup and Safety (B.O.S.S.) course before using large floor machines, and a Laser Boss class before firing up the laser. There are also Builder, Maker and even Shop Punchcard memberships (5-day passes that are perfect for gifts, the occasional woodworker/maker, or woodworkers visiting from out-of-town.


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