November 2017

Next Wave Launches New CNC Shark II

Next Wave Automation has just announced that it will introduce an entirely new version of its flagship small-format CNC Shark, which will be called the CNC Shark II. Available on December 1st at $2,999.99, the new machine will include nearly all of the robust, industrial features of the HD4 model, but at a lower pricepoint and smaller footprint. It has 30 mm bars (225% larger than the original CNC Shark) and larger NEMA 23 stepper motors, which allows the use of larger, full size 2-¼ HP routers, or a water-cooled spindle. This significant change now provides a full 7 inches of cutting capacity, which allows the new Shark to support 4th axis and laser modules. Other improvements include a metal backplate and interlocking aluminum table with rigid channels for fast, flexible clamping. The CNC Shark II ships with one 3/8" diameter V-groove bit, two hold-down clamps, VCarve Desktop V9.0 design software, and CNC Shark Control Panel operating software with Virtual Zero technology (Windows 7 or later). It is backed by a one-year limited warranty, and manufactured in the U.S.A.



Lease New Equipment Before Year-end

According to Minnesota-based Stearns Bank, the Section 179 tax deduction is one of the most immediate and tangible things that most woodshops can use to invest in equipment and lower their tax burden. The deduction is focused on small and medium-sized businesses because usually the only companies that can use it are ones that spend less than $2 million per year on qualifying business equipment purchases. There is still time in 2017 to make equipment purchases that qualify for the deduction, but only if a shop puts them into service by December 31st. Purchasing business assets at the very end of the year can be risky because some equipment might not be delivered until January. Click here for four important steps in the process. And to see if equipment qualifies, visit the official Section 179 informational website. The bank’s Equipment Finance Division can be reached at 800-247-1922.

New Gun For Small Details

A new Grex Micro Spray Gun was designed primarily for fine detailed spraying. It will reach into the tightest nooks and crannies, and is ideal for spot repairs and touch-ups with minimal overspray. This gun evolves with a woodshop's needs, offering a decent array of accessories and attachments to accomodate pretty much any application. It has a compact, ergonomic design with an easy-to-use, dual stage trigger. There's an ultra-fine detailed spray pattern, and a wide spray option with a fan spray cap. The gun also offers consistent blending of colors and is compataible with solvent, water-based and water-born paints and finishes. It's easy to clean and maintain, and there is a wide range of nozzle sizes and cup sizes available. Each Grex airbrush "is precision machined from prime materials to ensure consistent high performance and high quality standards". The company offers a comprehensive line of airbrush equipment, supplies and accessories. The micro spray gun set's item code is MF.TG, and it will be on the Grex website in a week or two.



Edge Bander With A Support Arm

Tired of trying to hold onto large or irregular-shaped panels while edgebanding? The new Vitap Stellar is a semi-automatic, entry-level, contour edgebander that has a heavy-duty, movable arm which supports panels from underneath. The adjustable swivel arm is equipped with a vacuum pod that holds the panel as it moves. This allows large panels to be processed, so the operator no longer needs to struggle with balance. The small, relatively inexpensive machine lets woodshops save both floorspace and budget. It was originally introduced at AWFS in Las Vegas, and Vitap S.p.A. and Atlantic Machinery Corporation have recently released a video of it in action. For shops looking for an inexpensive solution to edgebanding large or oddly shaped contoured parts, this might be the answer.

Minnesota Vikings Stadium Earns LEED Gold Cert.

The Minnesota Vikings (9-2 at the end of November) are having a banner year in their new U.S. Bank Stadium, and the building itself just received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification. Designed by HKS architects, the building meets LEED's goal to promote healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings. The Gold certification was the result of several design and operating features, including offsetting 100% of its energy with renewable energy credits, using a single steel truss rather than two to reduce the amount of steel needed for construction, being the first NFL venue to open with LED lighting, which consumes 75 percent less energy than traditional metal halide, and using its sloped roof as a heat reservoir that stores solar heat and acts as a natural snow melt system. The ETFE roof also substantially reduces the need for daytime artificial lighting. The stadium is also working toward becoming a zero waste facility, and supports green education with STEM tours for school groups.


Photo courtesy Dr. Meg English


HD Wood Lathe With A Servo Motor!

Since 1999 the Harvey brand has been known everywhere except North America, but that's changing with a new network of distributors (including Woodcraft). And the company has a new heavy-duty, professional lathe that is powered by an industrial servo motor - the type used in state-of-the-art CNC machines. It offers more power and more control to turners than they are used to. The T40 has a two millisecond (okay, instant) response time for torque demand, which the company says is a hundred times faster than most lathes, giving you power when you need it. It also has a quick spindle stop, forward and reverse turning, and a digital RPM readout. The swing is a full 14" (10" over the banjo base), and 24" between centers. It's a 1-1/4"x8 spindle thread (#2 Morse), and the two speed ranges are 50-2800 and 75-4300. Tailstock travel is 4". Retail is $2,790.00 plus shipping and for a limited time a stand is being included for free.

Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee Tool's new 2625-20 model Hackzall® is a cordless 18-Volt one-handed reciprocating saw. It features a patent pending anti-vibration system that the company says increases control and accuracy, and a lightweight design to combat worker fatique. The compact design makes it ideal for working within the confines of cabinetry, during kitchen installations. The powerful motor delivers 0 to 3,000 strokes per minute, and its 3/4" stroke length cuts quickly in a wide range of material such as wood, metal and PVC. It has a quick-locking tool-free blade clamp for fast and easy blade changes, a one-hour charge time, and a built-in LED light. The tool comes with a 5-year limited warranty and is compatibile with Milwaukee's M18™ XC high capacity and regular REDLITHIUM ™ batteries. It's available as just the tool, or in three kit variations.



Carbide Create Build 310

Carbide 3D just uploaded a new version of Carbide Create with a feature that the company has been planning for a while: Texture Toolpaths. This can create textures on parts, from simple hatching (bottom) to a carved look (top). The texture is created by moving the cutter in a sweeping motion into the stock, and then back out. Like V-carving, this motion gives the finished parts a 3D look without the time required for 3D machining. To take full advantage of Textures, you’ll want to use it with a V-cutter or a ball cutter. This first release of Texture Toolpaths is best described as a beta. While playing with Textures, the company has found that one ends up developing a lot of design patterns (both the texture settings themselves, and how they’re applied to the project), to get a unique look. The creators expect that woodshops will surprise them with new applications and ideas that they will be able to incorporate into the toolpath code.

Register Soon for Wood Manufacturing Workshop

Lockdowel, Laguna Tools and Microvellum are getting together at the Laguna Tools Showroom in Irvine, California on December 14 to present a productivity workshop (click image). Torben Helshoj, founder and CEO of Laguna Tools says that this is the optimum time to take advantage of the Tax 179 deductions, with the ability to deduct up to $500,000 in new CNC equipment through December 31. Lockdowel will show how to save 60% or more in assembly costs by eliminating the gluing process in cabinets, furniture and custom closets, and will demonstrate Lockdowel’s patent-pending EClips assembly system, award-winning snap-on drawer slides, snap-in hinges and no-hardware-no-show solutions for various modular closets. Microvellum is "the most prevalent design-to-manufacturing software available for professional and residential interior design - kitchens, millwork, cabinets and closets".



New Name on Environmentally Sound Finish

Unearthed Paints has changed the name of its main wood finish to Naked Floor Hardwax Oil. The product is mostly used as a floor finish, providing a natural alternative to polyurethane, and it can also be used as a hard finish on furniture. The company is family owned and operated, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and has just updated its website. It produces natural oils and paints that never contain VOCs. The owners believe that their consumers have a right to know what ingredients are in the products being purchased. And they back up their commitment to environmental responsibility with action: for every applied square foot of its oils, paints and plasters that are purchased, Unearthed Paints purchases one square foot of rain forest and donates it back to indigenous peoples who have responsibly lived on the land for thousands of years.

Natural Stone Knobs

The breathtaking new Firesky collection from New Jersey's Vesta Fine Hardware features natural stones such as Mojave lapis, iron tiger-eye, Mojave calcite and Carrera, to name a few. Each is hand selected for distinctive qualities and overwhelming beauty. The collection is composed of 83 pieces in four hand-polished finishes - nickle, satin nickle, brass and chrome. They're designed for cabinetmakers who want clients to feel that they own something extraordinary and special. While Firesky touches on the latest hardware trends, the look is reminiscent of an artist’s studio: each piece captures the essence of fine European design, quality craftsmanship and personalized style. It transforms cabinetry. Each piece comes with a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. Click on the image...



Hearts As Big As Texas

Global Shop Solutions is a global provider of ERP software for manufacturers, including woodshops. Located north of downtown Houston, the company was in the crosshairs of Hurricane Harvey and employees wasted no time pitching in on recovery efforts. Nick Knight, one of the company's management team who helped organize relief crews, noted that the cleanup was both rewarding and heartbreaking. "It always feels good to lend a hand to people in need," he said, "but you had to see the devastation to believe it. People work all their lives to own a home, and seeing them destroyed or seriously damaged pulls at your heart. Driving down a street and seeing furniture, washing machines, cabinets and piles of sheetrock in front yard after front yard is a sight I can’t forget." Many employees also worked alongside volunteers from Sunshine Spaces, a nonprofit in Fort Worth whose website is absolutely heartwarming.

Upgrades Are Made To A Classic

Lamello's new version of the Classic X can cut grooves for 15 different joining elements. It has a totally reworked base plate, where the swiveling front and stop square are now flush on both sides, so it can be positioned flush to the work's outer edge. The angle and height scales have been upgraded, and the base plate is equipped with durable reference marks. A new multi-functional stop square, which is included in the kit, can be used for many functions. It can be placed on the bottom of the base plate to increase the application surface and stability during vertical cutting; it makes it possible to make mitre joints with pieces of differing thicknesses so they line up flush on the outer surface; and it's now possible to vary the groove position from 0 to 50mm. The motor has been upped to 780 Watts (from 700), and the new Classic X sits more comfortably in the hand.



Two New Miter Saws From Delta

Delta Machinery has introduced the CRUZER miter saws that have robot arms made from military-grade aluminum "for unsurpassed accuracy, smoothness and durability". They also have control features that make them "the fastest dual-bevel miter saws available today". There are 12-inch and 10-inch blade models, and both saws incorporate state-of-the-art technology. That starts with a heavy-duty base table complemented by a wide, sliding fence that securely holds crown molding (up to 7.5 inches nested, or 6.5 inch vertically). Woodworkers can cut miters from 60 degrees right to 50 degrees left, with positive stops at the most common cuts. The patented load arm support bracket and heavy-duty bearings combine to provide unparalleled smoothness in the travel. And a shop can even adjust the travel to a desired tension. An easy-to reach bevel switch locates cuts at 45 degrees left or right (47 max), and again there are stops at the most popular bevel angles. The 12" model offers 18" crosscuts, a flip-down slide lock, 15 Amps, a 1-1/2" dust port and a 5-year limited warranty.

FREE Year-End Software Trial

From now until December 31st, KCD Software is offering custom cabinetmakers and closet designers a 31-day trial of its fully-functional Cabinet Designer/Closet Designer software. Designer is the robust first level of the company's complete manufacturing solution, and the current Version 10 allows users to quickly design, lay out and customize kitchens, baths, closets and more; easily make changes and offer variations on door styles, colors, textures, materials, handles, hinges, countertops and accents; generate floorplans and elevations; and present realistic 3D images to clients. Powerful on its own, Designer also integrates with KCD’s software suite - a set of customizable solutions that streamline production including the generation of cut lists and G-code, business tools and optimized workflow. There has never been a better time to discover "the software you can build on"™, and it comes with unlimited free technical support.



New Ordering System for Lockdowel

Lockdowel provides fasteners, drawer slides and hinges for fast and easy installation of cabinets, furniture, closets and architectural millwork. The company has introduced a new online store that is designed to be very user-friendly. It instantly lets a woodworker see and find what he/she needs, including up-front pricing and carton quantities. A shopper can just click on the pics to get detailed information and specs on each item. For those who are not familair with the Lockdowel system, there's an "Applications" tab on the homepage, and a downloadable catalog. Woodshops will need to sign in or create an account to take advantage of special offers and discounts in the new store. And existing customers are being asked to re-register (which just takes a couple of minutes).

Need To Train New Employees? Or Learn Hobby Skills?

Vondriska woodworks has announced some winter classes. George Vondriska has been teaching woodworking since 1986, and in addition to running his own woodworking school, he has taught for woodworking shows, schools and retail stores. He has also been an instructor with the U.S. Peace Corps, the Pentagon, Northwest Airlines and Andersen Window. On December 9th, George will be presenting his Woodworking I basics class at the Wisconsin facility, where each student will make a tool tote while learning to use the table saw, jointer, router, bandsaw, and drill press. Then on January 12th and again on the 13th, George will be presenting his one-day Bowl Turning I class. On January 26th and 27th is a two-day class in casework (Cabinetmaking I), where attendees will learn how to build a faceframe wall cabinet. They'll cut dadoes and rabbets in the plywood carcase, make a stile and rail 5-part door on the router table, and mitre trim to finish the top. George also offers basic CNC design and operation classes.



FREE Spray Gun With System Purchase

If you're looking at a new spray system, check your calendar. Apollo Sprayers International, Inc. is giving away a free gun with new systems that are purchased by November 30th. The Vista, California company is a U.S. leader in the manufacturing of HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) products for spray finishing. "We are offering our customers a FREE spray gun with the purchase of a new turbine system," says CEO John Darroch. "The model spray gun will depend on the series of turbine you purchase." With an ECO series unit, customers will receive a free E6000 Spray gun, which is a $114 value. The POWER series system comes with an E7000 spray gun ($318), and the PRECISION series system includes a free A7500 spray gun ($499), all while the offer lasts. For more information visit Apollo’s website.


Plastic Dial-Up Clamp

Kreg Tool has a new benchtop clamp that pops into a standard 3/4" (20mm) benchdog hole, or a hole you drill. It has a dial on the top that is used to apply pressure. The push-rod provides 4-3/4" of adjustment. By applying pressure from the side rather than from overhead, the In-Line Clamp doesn't have a bar that gets in the way as you work. It applies up to 250 lbs. of clamping force and swivels in the hole to clamp from any angle, on almost any shape. There's also a little notch in the face of the clamp that is perfect for holding miters (left).



'Miter Fold' Dado Set

In just four passes on the table saw, Rockler's new Miter Fold Dado Set turns a flat sheet of plywood or hardwood into a box with four sides and a top or bottom. The blade cuts a profiled channel through most of the wood, leaving just the face veneer intact. The joint is then folded, hinging on the veneer, which leaves a seamless corner, and grain that flows beautifully through the joint. The miter fold blade can be used to create casework, boxes and drawers with minimal tools and setup, and can also be used as an ordinary 8'' dado set. When compared to a simple v-groove miter fold, the Rockler Miter Fold "makes a joint that is stronger, easier to clamp and less prone to glue squeeze-out". The unique locking profile keeps the miters from sliding around under clamping pressure, and creates a longer joint line for greater strength. A common problem with basic 45° miter folds is that glue is funneled to the inside of the joint when the joint is folded closed. The Rockler Miter Fold uses a rabbet profile at the inside of the joint to reduce this tendency. The result is a strong, clean joint with almost no sanding required.

Chisels for Detailed Woodworking

At the end of August, Woodcraft rolled out its new WoodRiver® brand bevel-edge socket chisels. Sold individually or as a 4-piece set that includes the 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1", they come in eight widths (those mentioned plus 1/8", 3/8", 5/8" and 1-1/4"). The blade length is 4", and the overall chisel lengths are 9-5/8" to 9-7/8". A bevel edge means that the top of the steel is chamfered, so that the tool can be used in tight spots without binding. It also lets the blade get closer into corners. Woodcraft says the chisels are "forged from 100 CR-V steel, an alloy that holds an edge that is also impact resistant; factory-ground to a 25° bevel; and tempered in a salt bath to HRC58-63". The replaceable hardwood handles are ergonomically shaped, and the tools fit well in the company's standard 8-chisel roll (item 991097). Each chisel comes with a red plastic safety cap.



Rainforest Ethics Questions

The British press is having a field day with revelations from the Paradise Papers that both the queen and Prince Charles had off-shore accounts. For woodworkers, this actually may be of some concern. The prince has been an environmentalist for several decades, but it seems that his interests there may have conflicted with his own personal finances. The BBC has reported that his portfolio (valued in excess of a billion dollars) invested in a now defunct company called Sustainable Forestry Management, which dealt in carbon credits that were designed to help reduce global carbon emissions. The trading credits were not generally applicable to rainforests, and the company wanted them to be. So it allegedly provided the prince with information which he used to make speeches in favor of changing the rules - both in public and also in private government and EU meetings, which he denies.

Work Seat Holds Tools, Parts

Borrowing from the automotive trades has been a bit of a tradition in woodworking - for example, it's where most of our spray finishing technology came from. So it's no surprise that woodshops are showing interest in a new ergonomic seat from Chicago Pneumatic. Released on the company's website on October 9th, the CP87029 Ergoseat was originally designed for tire changing and general mechanics in workshops, or on roadside assistance. But it's an ideal solution in shops where people are installing, for example, door or drawer hardware using pneumatic tools up to 246 psi. It's easy to maneuver through a nest of base cabinets with its 360° swiveling front wheels , and it only weighs 77 lbs. This ergonomic seat solution is equipped with a Chicago Pneumatic balancer to allow the operator to perform the job without having to hold the tool: the L-shaped overhead arm takes the weight of the tool, allowing the operator to pick up parts from the foot-level bin.



The Gyro Air G700 Dust Collector

With a revolutionary design, the new Gyro Air from Harvey will not only collect more dust, it will allow almost no particles to escape, all while operating at a whisper. When running at full speed, it produces 72 Db, about thelevel of a quiet conversation. Noise in standard systems is attributable not only to airflow across the impeller, but also the racket caused by chips and particles being slammed into a bag, filters, housings or cyclone chambers. Gyro Air overcomes this by housing the impeller inside the cabinet, dampening the sound. From there, the dust and air flows smoothly into the vane structure, which generates a vortex without smashing dust particles into the walls of the duct work. The small amount of tiny dust particles which make it through to the pleated filters create very little noise due to their size, plus the fact that the filters are also housed inside the cabinet. This extraordinary unit is on sale at an introductory price of $3,495.00 (Nov 2017).

New Training Academy For Installers

Illinois-based Laser Products Industries has announced a new 2,000 square foot training center at its Romeoville headquarters. The facility includes 2,000 square feet of training space, six separate stations for templating and measuring (countertops, cabinets, showers, islands, bars and stairs), and a classroom-style area. There's room to train up to thirty-five woodworkers on site, and there's a capability for global video and on-line training, too. "Our sales and training teams will continue to provide customers with jobsite assistance," said company president Rich Katzmann, "while the Training Academy offers an additional resource to host customers here at our headquarters, or to train remotely around the world."



Two New Collectors From General

Two new dust collectors are now available from General International. - a 3/4 HP model (#10-055) and a 1-1/2 HP, portable, 2-stage unit (#10-805CF). The smaller machine comes with a 4" inlet, 441 CFM, a 9" blower wheel diameter and 90 dB motor. The bag opening is 12 5/8" diameter and the capacity is 17 gallon. It's 61" tall and weighs 48 lbs. The two-stag-e collector separates large chips, which drop into the collection drum before reaching the impeller. It comes with a remote control for convenient operation from virtually anywhere in the shop, and it has a 778 CFM capacity, runs at 84 dB, and sports a 6" inlet that can be converted to two 4" ones. It has a lot of power, with 8" of static pressure. The canister filters are ultra efficient 1-micron rated, with a total surface area of 40.3 square feet, and they measure 14-1/2" x 23-5/8". There's a crank for shaking the filter. The 10-805CF's overall dimensions are 45-5/8" x 47-1/4" x 69-1/4" and its motor is 110 Volts, 11 Amps. The machine weighs 156 lbs, and comes with a 30-gallon chip drum. Home Depot lists it at $1,600.

Window and Door Remover

A new machine released in Europe by Lamello is designed specifically for carpenters who are removing windows and doors. The Tanga DX200 allows windows to be removed without damaging surrounding brickwork or the windowsill. It has a powerful 1700 Watt (7.5 Amp at 230 Volt) motor and a quickly adjustable depth of cut. There's a spring-loaded blade cover for safety, and an accessory for getting right into corners. The 2-3/4" maximum cut will separate most millwork from the wall. And its airflow has been designed to minimize dust. There are a variety of saw blades and diamond cutting discs for different applications. This tool is not available in North America.



Panasonic's Smart Pro Driver and Impact Kit

The new EYC18DV42 impact tool and driver kit from Panasonic has a power plant with dual voltage technology. That allows the user to power the cordless impact driver and ½" drill/driver using either a 14.4-volt or 18-volt Li-ion battery pack. Both tools are Tough IP rated, which means they've passed laboratory tests that simulate working in extremely dusty work environments, and the effects of water getting sprayed by powerful jets. Panasonic's 4.2 Amp-hour LS battery pack cells have an over-discharge sensor that prevents the user from running the tool after it reaches a point where too-low voltage could damage the battery or the tool. They also have a sensor that flashes a warning light and then cuts off power if the battery temperature reaches critical levels.

Amish Woodshop Fire

A woodworking business called Valley Run Woodworking, which is located on an Amish farm near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was destroyed by an accidental fire in the early morning hours of November 1st. Nobody was hurt, but Lancaster Online reports that the destruction was so complete that fire department officials can't immediately determine a cause. The blaze was called in at 3:45 AM, and has caused more than a quarter of a million dollars in damage. As far as WoodEzine can determine, the two-man shop was opened in 2011 by Samuel Stoltzfus and was a supplier of unfinished pieces to clients such as Leonard's Home Furnishings in Duncannon, which sells Amish and other furniture.



Goliath CNC - The Future Is Now

A $90,000 Kickstarter campaign to develop a portable robot that mills, cuts, and engraves has already raised more than ten times its goal, as of November 2nd, with ten days to go. The portable router with strange-looking wheels can be placed on, say, a piece of hardwood or plywood, and it will travel anywhere on that surface... without any hands guiding it. Goliath, which was created by the start-up company Springa, comes with a patented sensor system, which triangulates the position of the robot. Thanks to radio frequency communication, the sensors continuously update its position relative to the work area, and do so 100 times a second. This feature ensures accuracy down to 0.004 inch, and enables the robot to understand its position, so that the sensors can correct the route in case of loss of traction of the wheels. It starts with the outside, and then cuts pockets or drills holes as it moves from the completed area to the untouched, so it doesn't fall into voids. It comes with two panel extensions so it can reach into the last corner, and it also calculates Z zero (the vertical staring point, or height) automatically.

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