November 2018

Woodworking News

Fastest Threaded Vise

For woodworkers who have been dreaming of building the perfect workbench, Lake Erie Toolworks in Erie, Pennsylvania has the answer when it comes to the end vise. The company makes "traditional tools for today's woodworker", and their new 2X Wood Vise is not only really fast (just one turn per inch!), but also large and rugged. The hard maple vise is powered by a massive 3" diameter screw that has a double start thread, and LET describes the action as "smooth as butter". The screw is milled from a solid billet of maple, with no glue joints. The kit includes the approximately two foot long screw, a large hard maple wood nut to anchor your vise, a brass garter set with steel screws (in your choice of a vintage or brushed finish) , and a 1" diameter hard maple handle with end-grain threaded knobs on both ends. On the website this month it's listed at $329.


The new 2X Wood Vise from Lake Erie Toolworks is very fast, large and rugged

GDP/GUHDO is now offering a new insert planing cutter head for moulders


Planing Cutter With Optional Chamfer/Radius Knives

GDP/GUHDO is now offering a new insert planing cutter head for moulders. This unique, multi-functional cutter head is ideal for planing and has the ability to house profile knife attachments. It can produce an edge radius and/or an edge chamfer. And the radius and chamfer location can be adjusted. It can also cut shallow grooves. The tool features steel body construction with the QuickLock system for fast knife removal (no hassle with screws), and a two-wing design that delivers a superior finish with both soft and hardwoods It can use double sided knives (carbide and HSS), and it's available in widths of 130, 180 and 240 mm. The adjustable radius knives run 2-10 mm, and the chamfer knives are 45 degrees. This tool is available with standard bore options (metric and inch dimensional) as well HSK 85-W interface for Weinig Powermat machines.

Britain's Wood Awards Winners

In the U.K. each fall, the annual Wood Awards are presented at Carpenter's Hall. This is Britain's "premier competition for excellence in architecture and product design in the world’s only naturally sustainable material. The Awards aim to recognise, encourage and promote outstanding design, craftsmanship and installation using wood." This is a not-for-profit competition, and anyone can enter. This year's winner of the Judges' Special Award was the project shown here, a new space for students at Belvue School. That's a secondary school for kids with moderate to severe learning difficulties, and other special needs. Designed by the architectural company Studio Weave, and built by IMS Building Solutions, the Western red cedar construction is 150 square meters (1,600 sq. ft.) of extracurricular space with "domestic quality and intimate scale" that was completed on a modest budget. Woodworkers can click on this link to check out photos of this year's other winners.


Wood Awards celebrate woodworking design in Britain

Guarding data on woodshop machines


Guarding Data On Machine Networks

In an article published on November 26th by Jim Lorincz, a contributing editor with Advanced Manufacturing, the online edition of the tech journal lists nine IT recommendations that manufacturers should consider before connecting machine tools to their networks. The list is intended for IT people who want to guard against malicious hackers gaining access to corporate computers. It was originally reported by Okuma America Corp distributor Heather Johnson, and it was created by one of Okuma's IT specialists, Brad Klippstein. For woodshops that are increasingly going wireless and robotic, such a warning is a stark heads-up as hackers turn their gaze on gaining access to corporate data by entering through this unwatched back door. SME Media is the publisher of Advanced Manufacturing. The company is a leading source for news and in-depth technical information about advanced manufacturing in North America.

Cordless Rotary Hammer Has Corded Muscle

The next time you need to install cabinet anchors in a concrete wall, you could reach for Milwaukee Tool's fastest drilling and hardest hitting SDS Max rotary hammer yet. The new M18 FUEL™ 1-3/4" rotary hammer with One-Key™ generates the power of a 15 Amp corded hammer of the same size. It features an electromagnetic clutch and is capable of chipping half a ton of material per charge! The clutch kicks in during lock up to prevent over rotation, minimizing potential rotation to only 45 degrees versus the typical 360. Users can also track, manage and secure the tool through the ONE-KEY™ app on their mobile device. According to senior product manager Kevin Gee, it "not only boasts the benefits of no cords or generators, but also drills faster than corded." It delivers 8.1 ft-lbs of impact energy, 380 RPM and 2,900 BPM.


Milwaukee's M18 Fuel SDX Max rotary hammer has One-Key on board

Cohen Architecture designs see-through cabinet wall


See-through Cabinets

Stuart Cohen and Julie Hacker are a husband and wife architectural team whose talents complement each other. Located in Evanston, Illinois, the couple designed the window wall at left as a focal point in a kitchen for one of their clients. It's essentially a bank of glass-fronted, see-through cabinets with Pella windows behind, some of which are operable. Not only does this feature flood the kitchen with natural light, it also invites the view inside as an extension of the natural ambiance in the manmade space. It's not a big stretch to see why the architects titled this beautiful project "Room with a View". Sturm Builders Inc. was the general contractor, and Exclusive Woodworking Inc., located on Chicago's North Shore in a state-of-the-art 35,000 square foot facility, built the casework.
(Photo by Jon Miller/Hedrich Blessing)

Hand Tools Rule

Matt Lynch is an associate professor at the University of Cincinnati's School of Art, and when he's not teaching he works with other designers in a collaboration called Simparch to create large-scale artworks, often for municipal projects. For example, the piece shown at right is Silvas Capitalis and it's located in Northumberland in the U.K. It is 16 feet tall and built of European larch. In October, Dr. Lynch challenged some of his woodworking students to spend the month building with hand tools. The only power tools allowed were cordless ones run on batteries that were solar powered. It took the students a while to embrace the idea, but the sculpture and carving classes came through with flying colors. They built, among other things, a 14-foot tall banjo in white oak which they hollowed using one of the oldest tools known to man - fire.


Simparch creates large wooden sculptures such as Silvas Capitalis

Woodworkers can use tool batteries to run Makita's DCM501 cordless coffee maker


Coffee On The Jobsite

Makita's DCM500Z 18V, which is a one-cup cordless coffee maker that runs on 18V batteries or mains, has been around for a while (at right in photo). Recently the company added the new DCM501 (at left), which will run on Makita's 12V, 14.4V and 18V batteries. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be available through Makita USA, but we found it on Amazon (shipping from Japan). It's compatible with Cafe Pod Mocha, Kilimanjaro and Brazil pods, and the tank capacity is 240 mL (8 fluid ounces). A dedicated cup fits in the machine without a gap - for splash prevention and dust avoidance on the jobsite. But the brewer is also compatible with commercial mugs up to 90 mm in height. It has a carry handle, and a boil dry protection feature that automatically turns the coffee maker off if there is not enough water.

Want To Become a Woodworking Expert?

Stiles/Homag is offering a unique opportunity called the Emerging Leader Program, which prepares an individual for a career as a sales engineer. The initial year-long program will begin with three months of hands-on training and job shadowing with industry experts at Stiles Machinery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. That's followed by three months of international training and experience at one of Homag’s global locations in Germany, Poland or China. This cycle will be repeated with three months back in the US and then an additional three months overseas, for a total of one year of professional training and real-life experience with this world industry leading company. Candidates will be responsible for gaining an in-depth knowledge of the products and services offered by Stiles Machinery and HOMAG to further the success of the organization, the industry, and the company's customers.


Stiles/Homag is offering a unique opportunity called the Emerging Leader Program

OVVO has teamed up with PantoRouter to automate cabinet joinery


OVVO, PantoRouter Team Up

The award-winning OVVO Connection System can be installed in slots cut by the company's own stationary and portable machines, or it can be used with CNCs and auto insert to build casework and install slides and other hardware. Now OVVO has teamed up with PantoRouter, a manual horizontal routing system, to semi-automate the process for smaller shops. The versatile PantoRouter is a joinery workhorse that can create tenons, dovetails, drilling patterns or free-hand contours among other joints, so it can easily replicate the milling that is needed to rout out and use OVVO connectors. The machine operates in all three axes - other than the positioning of a workpiece on the X and Y axes, a woodworker can set the exact plunge depth of the router cutter on the Z axis. Shown at left is a PantoRouter set up with dust collection, and the inset shows the new V-1230 invisible cabinet connector from OVVO.

Rethinking Amish Design

Two years ago, Indiana based Borkholder Furniture decided to produce more of its solid wood furniture in-house. Its Amish-owned parent company, Kountry Wood Products, is a leading manufacturer of wood kitchen and bath cabinetry. This fall, Borkholder won its first ISFD Pinnacle Award in the casual dining category (the second nomination for designer Catina Suarez Roscoe). The judges said they "felt that the Local Harvest Table (shown) exhibited a rustic charm that is a fresh new look to farmhouse design that transcends modern and cottage. It is made of solid wood with mortise and tenon joinery. The double-leg design adds a nice architectural element that is quite beautiful and the doubled edge of the table in lieu of an apron was also a nice touch." Borkholder is a lean manufacturer producing an estimated 6,000 cabinets daily in 227,000-square-feet.


Borkholder Furniture won a Pinnacle Award

Urban Woodworker offers woodworking classes in Vancouver


Woodworking Classes in Vancouver, BC

Urban Woodworker was started in 2012 by Jeremy Tomlinson in partnership with Roundhouse Community Art and Recreation. It has now opened a Community Woodworking Studio in North Vancouver’s Lower Lonsdale, and the response has been almost overwhelming. People interested in taking a first course can try wood turning, spoon carving, power tool woodworking and/or hand tool classes. Living in an apartment, it can be challenging to use a lot of power tools. But anyone can carve a spoon in an evening at home with just a little tutoring, a few hand tools, and no dust or noise. Starting this month, courses will be taught by Jeremy, also known as the Urban Woodworker. Highly experienced, he will teach hand tool methods and techniques used in woodworking and furniture making at the new, custom-outfitted Community Woodworking Studio at 135 West 1st Street, across the plaza from John Braithwaite Community Centre.

A Safe, Energy Efficient and Smart Dust Collector

Belfab has just introduced its new RG Dust Collector Series, which had three guiding design principles - operator safety, comfort and a healthy work environment. RG units can be installed inside the shop because of a flameless venting and extinguishing system. Models in the new series are energy efficient and operate on a continuous self-cleaning pulse system, providing optimal filtration while extending the life of the filters. They are modular, too. Each unit’s fan is equipped with a variable speed drive which controls the airflow while maximizing energy efficiency. And the new HMI (Human Machine Interface) monitors airflow performance and maintains optimal filter efficiency. A wireless options will report any abnormal conditions via email or SMS. Belfab manufactures a complete range of dust collecting systems and downdraft tables with ranging capacities from 1,000 to 100,000 CFM. The company's modular filter technology lets a shop increase the filtration surface as needed.


Belfab has just introduced its new RG Dust Collector Series

New Orleans based Green Project prevents 40,000 gallons of paint from being dumped down the drain


New Orleans Tool Lending Library

Every year, the New Orleans based Green Project prevents 40,000 gallons of paint from being dumped down the drain, reclaims two million pounds of construction materials, and educates local students and residents on ways to recycle. The project's brand new MakerSpace is located on the second floor of its storefront at 2831 Marais Street, and includes a Tool Lending Library, Community Workshop, and Educational Classroom. It hosts community workshops on home repair, creative re-use, and woodworking topics. There are open workshop hours on Saturdays where creators and makers can build personal projects, and beginning in 2019 community members will be able to take tools home, too, through weekly rentals. The MakerSpace is made possible by Lowe’s and Rebuilding Together, a volunteer organization that improves the quality of life of low income homeowners.

Auto-Jig Pocket Hole System

Armor Tool says its new Auto-Jig (MSRP $149.99) is "changing the landscape of pocket hole joinery". The self-adjusting system automatically sets the drill guide block and drill bit collar based off the thickness of the workpiece. No more manual setting, measuring, or adjusting. Just clamp the workpiece and start making pocket holes. The jig features Armor’s patented Auto-Adjust clamping technology, which lets a woodworker set and maintain clamping pressure when working with materials of different thickness. The company has also developed a color coded screw selection system, and when the block self-adjusts the correct screw length color is displayed. While the color helps identify the correct screw length, the coating serves as an anti-corrosive by protecting screws from moisture. Click here for the movie.


Armor Tool says its new Auto-Jig is changing pocket hole joinery

WoodEzine editor opens ETSY store


New Retail Outlet in the Black Hills

The editor of WoodEzine, John English, has opened a retail store in the old City Hall in Belle Fourche, South Dakota that sells turned pieces, furniture, gifts, and some woodworking supplies. The town lies at the northern tip of the Black Hills, and the building is a 1936 sandstone structure that was built by the WPA. An example of the turnings being offered is the large boxelder bowl at left that has a black walnut base and a walnut and boxelder rim. Both species were harvested locally. Around the rim are 192 matchsticks, some of which are painted red in a random pattern to complement the natural crimson streaks in the boxelder. The new store also stocks pen and bottle stopper hardware and blanks, plus Easy Wood Tools carbide insert lathe chisels. And there's a broad selection of woodworking books by English.

New Phenolic/Composite Tools

Vortex Tool Company, Inc. has expanded its Series 6100 & 6200 line of three-flute phenolic/composite spirals with four new spiral tool sizes designed to provide maximum tool life. For upcut geometry, part 6143C with a 3/8 Cutting Edge Diameter (CED) and part 6152C with a 1/2 CED have been added. For downcut geometry, part 6243C with 3/8 CED and part 6252C with 1/2 RB13969CED have been added. These tools provide better finishes and significantly lower noise levels when cutting phenolic panels and composite materials at high feed rates. American owned and operated, Vortex designs and manufactures a wide variety of standard and custom high-performance router and insert cutting tools, and provides re-tipping and sharpening services.


Vortex Tool Company, Inc. has expanded its Series 6100 & 6200 line of three-flute phenolic/composite spirals

Atlantic Machinery is now the exclusive importer and distributor of OTT spare parts in North America


Running a Paul OTT Edgebander?

Atlantic Machinery Corp., which is located in New Milford, Connecticut, is known in the industry as the source for both Vitap and Atlantic products. The company has just announced that it is now the exclusive importer and distributor of OTT spare parts in North America. With over 55 years of experience and using innovative development, Paul OTT GmbH is a leading Austrian manufacturer of high-quality edgebanders and hot presses in the world market. "There are many hundreds of OTT machines in use today in North America," says Atlantic;'s president Riccardo Azzoni, "and we are committed to providing excellent service and support for all these machines". Woodshops that need parts for an OTT machine can contact Jeff Ulreich, Atlantic Machinery's parts and service manager.

A New Collection at KBIS

Top Knobs is celebrating its 25 anniversary, and to kick off the milestone year the company will unveil its new collection, Grace, at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas (February 19-21) at booth N2763. The historic neighborhoods of New York inspired the collection, which includes 276 pieces in 6 series - Barrow, Henderson, Kent, Pomander, Minetta and Riverside. Product manager Christine Zimmer says that Top Knobs "wanted to deliver a collection to our loyal customers that would showcase some of our finest pieces, only reinvented to translate into more modern-day designs".


TopKnobs cabinet hardware is celebrating its 25th anniversary

AWFS offers hotel rooms


Book Rooms Now For AWFS

Yes, it's still about nine months away but AWFS Fair (July 17 - 20, 2019) has just partnered with onPeak as an exclusive official hotel provider to offer woodshops some exclusive reduced rates at popular Las Vegas hotels. When woodworkers book in advance, they can "take advantage of deep discounts, pay delays, and full group booking control". However, rooms at the special group rates are limited and available on a first come, first-served basis. Attendees can book now from live inventory, and receive an immediate confirmation. The hotels on the list include Bally's Las Vegas, Caesars Palace, Embassey Suites at the Convention Center, Fairfield Inn, Flamingo Las Vegas and Hilton Grand Vacations Club. The rates shown range from $65 to $149 a night. Click here or on the image to go to the booking page on the AWFS website for more info.

Trade Up To A ShopBot - But Hurry!

For one week beginning on Black Friday, November 23rd, through Friday, November 30th, owners of other desktop-type CNC tools can trade up their existing machine toward a new ShopBot Desktop, Desktop MAX, or the larger ShopBot Gantry CNC tool. ShopBot will issue credits towards a tool purchase based on the make and model of the equipment being traded. Included with each trade-up purchase is a free 2-day basic training session, to be held at the company's Durham, North Carolina facility. CNC tool owners who are interested in participating can visit the ShopBot Tools website and complete an online form. They will then be asked to ship the tool they are trading in by December 15 and will receive a credit to use towards the purchase of a ShopBot tool before December 31.


Trade Up To A ShopBot - But Hurry!

Rockler's Bench Dog line has added seven new hand planes


New Line of Bench Planes

Rockler's Bench Dog line has added seven new hand planes including a No. 7 jointer, No. 5, No. 5-1/2 and a No. 62 low-angle, a No. 4-1/2 smoother, and two shoulder planes - a No. 92 and a 3-in-1 model that can be converted to a bullnose and chisel plane. They join the existing No. 4 smoother and a No. 60-1/2 block plane. All feature bodies made from ductile iron, (stronger and more impact-resistant than typical cast iron), and soles machined flat to high tolerances.

A New Source For Doors, Drawers

Olon Industries (Ontario, Canada) and LICAR spa (Pordenone, Italy) have formed a joint venture company called OL Frontal Solutions, LLC. It will operate from Jeffersonville, Indiana and focus on manufacturing high volume, fully assembled 5-piece cabinet doors and drawer fronts for major customers in North America. It combines LICAR’s leading edge European designs and world class manufacturing technology with Olon’s North American expertise in designing and manufacturing profile wrapped moldings and components for the cabinet market. Production will begin in early 2019 and is expected to deliver "reduced lead times, lower inventory levels and improved logistics through high volume products with exceptional quality and value, due to the use of new state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and processes".


Olon offers fully assembled 5-piece cabinet doors and drawer fronts

Veritas's new fence kit is for building a shooting board that can shoot miters of various angles


Veritas' Shooting Board Fence

The new fence kit is for building a shooting board that can shoot miters of various angles. A spring-loaded button registers in fixed detents at 0, 18, 22.5, 25.7, 30, 36, 45 and 60 degrees, for square angles as well as miters for frames with ten, eight, seven, six, five, four or three sides. For angles in between, it locks in place with a lever handle. The fence is cast from a strong zinc-aluminum alloy, with steel and brass fittings. It is easily installed on a user-made shooting board in a right or left-hand configuration, using the included mounting hardware. A slot in the fence face accepts an adjustable user-made wooden sacrificial extension, which helps prevent grain blow-out by supporting stock from behind.
(Item 05P54.85, $109)

Alphacam Updates Nesting, Automation

The new 2019 R1 release has a completely redesigned and compact nesting interface. Drag-and-drop support for manually nested parts means it is easier for programmers to begin the process of manual nesting. Another process which reduces the number of steps is the ability to automatically align a part to a neighbouring angled part on the nest. An update to Automation Manager does away with the need to create a CSV file when producing assemblies, plus complex and parametric objects can now be fully controlled. This update greatly enhances functionality in previous releases by including complex geometries, opening new possibilities for 4-axis machining.


Alphacam's new 2019 R1 release has a completely redesigned and compact nesting interface

Oneida offers a silencer for woodshop dust collector


A Silencer For Your Dust Collector

The new stacking sound filters from Oneida are now available in 13" and 18" diameter models, with two heights available in the 18" version. The compact silencer units reduce a dust collector's noise output by 6 to 7 dBA without increasing the system's overall footprint. It installs in minutes onto the cartridge filters of the company's V-System dust collector product line. The noise filters are constructed from heavy-gauge welded steel, with an industrial powder coated finish. They can significantly reduce the overall noise level of a dust collection system, and they're ideal for small hobby and pro shops where noise is a primary concern. Each unit includes a gasket and the necessary clamp hardware for installation. Oneida is located in Syracuse, New York.

Rout A Dovetail, Use A Clamp

MicroJig has updated its innovative Matchfit™ dovetail clamps by introducing a new dovetail router bit that leaves a very slightly rounded top on the grooves. The breakthrough dovetail clamp arm design gives woodworkers the freedom to create their own track grooves, using a dovetail router bit to clamp virtually anywhere. Shown in the image are two sawhorses with dovetail grooves on top, and a fence that is clamped to the plywood via a dovetail groove, to guide a circular saw. The clamps slide into and along the grooves, so they can be placed anywhere. The newest version of the Matchfit has a rubberized handle that improves the grip. The new router bit eliminates snags and makes more durable and safe jigs. MicroJig has posted several ideas on its website for ways the system can be used in the shop or on the jobsite.


MicroJig has added a router bit for its innovative Matchfit™ dovetail clamps

Bosch's new Nail Strike wood-boring bit is the first that can strike nails and cut through them!


This Bit Can Withstand Up To 30 Nail Hits

Bosch's new Nail Strike wood-boring bit is the first that can strike nails and cut through them! It has enhanced edges that can cut through up to 30 nails, along with a fully threaded cone tip and paddle design for fast cordless drilling. Nail Strike is the right bit for jobs where the user doesn’t want to switch back and forth between a spade bit and an auger bit. It requires use of a drill/driver in high-torque/slow speed mode when drilling through nails. Its hex shank with Power Groove reduces bit slippage in the tool and makes it suitable for use with a variety of drill types, including impact drivers (for wood drilling only). The bit is not designed for use in a drill press, and is not intended for counter boring applications or doweling. It will be available in February 2019.

Lockdowel Drawer Slides Excel In Test

Snap-in drawer slides from California based Lockdowel have been tested by Integrity Testing Laboratories and have passed all ANSI/BIFMA testing requirements for hardware as specified by both the Woodwork Institute (WI) and the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI). In a written statement, lab manager Ed Leach wrote that Lockdowel has "done all the slide tests and far exceeded all requirements." The testing included 50,000 cycle testing with a 100 lb load and extendable member testing of the Lockdowel undermount soft close and side mount soft close (both shown), and also the company's three piece sidemount drawer slides. Lockdowel won the 2017 AWFS Visionary Award for its snap-in drawer slides because they require no tools or screws, and installation time is three times faster than conventional drawer slides. Because CNC routed slots allow for perfect alignment, drawer adjustment is minimal.


Lockdowel's snap-in drawer slides have passed all ANSI/BIFMA testing

The new Alston cabinet hardware collection is rooted in European flair


Vesta® Fine Hardware Introduces Alston

New Jersey based Vesta says that "performance and perfection unite to reveal a collection of decorative hardware fit to provide the ultimate pièce de résistance for kitchens and baths". The new Alston collection is rooted in European flair, evoking opulence with a handcrafted impression. Strong, definitive lines are surrounded by a curved silhouette that lends both dimension and balance to please the senses. Made of solid brass with a hand-polished finish, Alston reflects Vesta's innovative approach to perfecting luxury in decorative hardware. "The Alston collection exudes timeless refinement," says product manager Christine Zimmer. The collection includes fifty-six pieces in seven enduring finishes including Brushed Satin Nickel (shown), Milano Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Brass and Unlacquered Brass.

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