April 2019

Woodworking news and new products

Replace Your Table Saw

Kreg Tools has integrated its guided plunge saw into a complete cutting system that's absolutely ideal for professional jobsite work, and also for hobbyists who don't have room for a table saw. Equipped with a candystore of clever accessories and features, the system lets a woodworker reduce 4x8 plywood or MDF panels accurately, or cut solid hardwoods to width, length or a specified angle, or crosscut trim with precision. Anyone thinking about buying a table saw, miter saw or portable plunge saw might want to take a look at the online video before making a decision. The new Kreg system has a number of important and innovative safety features, plus several simple but very handy attributes such as a way to control cords and vacuum hoses.


The Kreg® Adaptive Cutting System

The New Grex GC1850 Cordless 2" 18 Gauge Brad Nailer


Grex Brad Nailer Is Loaded With Features

The new Grex GC1850 was designed to be the most compact and lightweight 18 gauge, cordless, 2" brad nailer available. It can sink 2" nails into solid oak or maple and is similar in size, weight, balance and power to a traditional pneumatic tool. It's gas powered for instant, reliable and consistent operation, and the spark comes from two low-cost, standard AAA batteries. There's no ramp up, so the trigger feels as responsive and fast as a pneumatic nailer. It operates at high altitudes and in cold weather, and the fuel cartridges are low cost with minimal odor and no expiration dates. There's a simple power adjustment knob for different wood density or nail length, and the driver tip is tapered to create the smallest mark possible. It has auto trigger lockout, a Posit-Lock™ nose to prevent jams, a fastener supply window and more.

Top Knobs Introduces Riverside and Minetta

Top Knobs decorative kitchen and bath hardware has introduced the Riverside (shown) and Minetta series of its Grace Collection of knobs, pulls and appliance pulls. Inspired by the contemporary appeal of Riverside Drive in New York City, the Riverside series features a redefined take on the standard square bar pull with a contoured comfort grip, higher projection and matching appliance pulls. Riverside Drive runs along the east bank of the Hudson from Manhattan through Harlem to Washington heights. Also in line with Grace's modern aesthetic, the Minetta series of tab pulls offer a sleek and streamlined look with soft curves for handling. Top Knobs offers an exclusive lifetime warranty for the original purchaser on its more than 4,500 kitchen, bath and closet hardware designs.


Top Knobs Introduces the Riverside & Minetta Series

The DCW210B is a new 20V MAX* XR® cordless, brushless sander from DeWALT


Cordless, Variable Speed Sander

The DCW210B is a new 20V MAX* XR® cordless, brushless sander from DeWALT that allows the operator to change the variable speed control from 8,000 to12,000 OPM. Its low profile height lets the user get close to the work surface, and it has the standard 8-hole hook-and-loop sanding pad (DW64233). There's a dust-sealed switch, texturized rubber overmold grip and one-handed locking dust bag. The dust port is designed to fit directly to the company's DWV010 or DWV012 dust collector (sold separately). To attach the dust port to other vacuum systems with 1-1/4" hoses, a woodworker can use the DWV9000 universal quick connector (sold separately). This is a random orbit action, and the tool weighs in at 1.9 lbs.

Next Generation Bosch Battery

The new Bosch GBA18V80 battery uses the latest high-power 21700 cells to deliver twice the power and runtime of standard batteries. The 8.0 Ah CORE18V Performance Battery provides high-capacity power and outstanding power-to-weight ratio, at a practical 2.14 lbs. Instead of the 15 cells packed into much larger batteries, it houses just 10 cells and provides 11 percent more power and 27 percent more runtime (with the same number of cells as an 18V 6.3 Ah battery). It's designed to deliver the power and battery efficiency required by high-capacity tools such as reciprocating saws, circular saws and rotary hammers that require high power for the most demanding applications. Bosch engineered its exclusive CoolPack 2.0 technology to manage heat in higher power-density cells. It provides better cooling than the previous generation CoolPack system, extending battery lifetime by 35 percent.


Bosch GBA18V80 CORE18V Performance 18V Lithium-Ion 8.0 Ah Battery

Makita MAX Efficiency Miter Saw Blades


MAX Efficiency Miter Saw Blades

Makita® U.S.A. has announced the expansion of its MAX Efficiency accessory line with new 10" and 12" miter saw blades that are engineered to deliver more cuts per charge, when used with a cordless miter saw. The thin kerf blades are also designed to minimize deflection and deliver the most accurate cuts. The 10" versions come in 60 and 80-tooth options, and the 12" blades have 60, 80 or 100 teeth. Each blade is expertly tensioned for precision and true cutting, and manufactured from high quality hardened steel. The specially engineered ATAFR (alternate top alternate wace with raker) carbide tips assist to reduce the load put on the tool. The thin kerf provides greater efficiency with less drag and minimal material loss.

A Mobile Workshop from Festool

The new MW 1000 from Festool USA is a customizable workshop that you can transport, set up, and break down in a flash on any jobsite. In just a few steps, the clever and compact unit becomes a stable workstation with space to access and use your tools wherever you are – just like in your own workshop. It combines worktops and storage while being customizable to a woodworker's unique needs. it can save time by transporting tools and a worktop in a single unit. The MW 1000 features compact dimensions for passage through doorways, yet its spacious and stable work surface has a perforated top and an aluminum profile that offers flexible clamping and attachment options. The workshop is also easy to transport up and down steps due to its two large, rubber-lined and shock-resistant wheels. A couple of different models are available.


Festool Mobile workshop MW 1000

16V dustbuster® AdvancedClean+ Cordless Hand Vacuum


Clean Up The Jobsite

On April 4th, Black & Decker released the newest version of its cordless Dustbuster®. Called the AdvancedClean+ Cordless Hand Vacuum (model HHVK415B01), it has a retracting crevice tool that can reach into deep corners and that is always available, because it's built right into the tool. The vacuum weighs 2.4 lbs and develops 35 air watts (AW) of suction power. The filter and pre-filter can be popped out and washed, and the dust bin holds up to 750 ml. It has a 16 Volt Lithium-ion power plant that delivers up to 125% more runtime than the company's standard Dustbuster, a battery charge indicator, and a two-speed button that turns on Powerboost when needed. Emptying the bin is a simple, one-touch operation where hands never touch the dirt. There's a wall-mountable charger (4 hours for a full charge) and a two-year limited warranty.

LED Construction Site Lighting

Milwaukee Tool has just introduced the Radius™ LED 130W Temporary Site Light. It's AC-powered (plug in) and was designed to reduce set-up time, cost and energy consumption. It's easy to set up, and lets contractors install fewer lights to meet OSHA® jobsite lighting standards. Capable of providing up to 15,000 lumens of light, it features Trueview™ advanced LED technology. The optical design delivers a consistent beam, optimized color temperature, and true representation of colors and detail, all of which make for a more productive work area. The light comes with a 3ft, 120v power cord, and features an integrated wiring terminal that accepts voltages from 120 to 277V. Lights can be wired together, and the durable high impact polycarbonate lens design can survive harsh jobsite conditions, including drops from as high as 9 feet.


Milwaukee® Introduces a Maintenance-Free 130w LED Temporary Site Light

Certainly Wood in Aurora, New York carries a huge inventory of veneers


Veneer Supplier In The News

Are you looking for a veneer supplier? The East Aurora Advertiser in western New York (about twenty miles SE of Buffalo) ran an interesting piece this month on Certainly Wood. The newspaper's columnist, Rick Ohler, did a great job describing the company and the service that it offers to woodworkers - especially those who work with exotic species. Certainly Wood has been supplying both shops and individual furniture builders since 1983, and over the years the buyers have hand picked a vast selection of premium and AA grade product in every imaginable species. The inventory now amounts to millions of feet. Woodworkers can purchase a whole pallet, a flitch (one complete log sliced into veneer), a few bundles, or even just a couple of sheets, and do so in standard thicknesses from approximately 1/50" (0.02") to 1/42" (0.024"), although thicker veneers are also available.

Hinges For Corner Cabinet Doors

Corner cabinets present a very specific hinge challenge, especially when the door is L-shaped and bi-fold. Four new Pie-cut hinges from Grass offer a perfect solution. They hinge the two folding doors and provide wide access to the interior of the cabinet, sometimes accommodating other space maximizing features such as classic lazy Suzan shelving. Tiomos PCC is for doors 16 to 24 mm thick, and there is a self-closing option. This unit is used with Tiomos 160 hinges and requirtes a 35 mm cup hole, or dowels or screws. The Nexis PCC handles doors from 16 to 22 mm, while Nexis 21 PCC is for 19 to 24 mm thicknesses. The 975 VZ PCC is for 15 to 24 mm stock and it has a shallow profile that won't interfere with lazy Susans. This hinge can leave a small or large gap between the doors, requires the same drilling on both doors, and is height adjustable.


Pie-cut corner hinges from Grass

Powermatic has a new sliding table Taw attachment, the


Powermatic Sliding Table Attachment

Powermatic table saw owners can upgrade their PM2000B or PM3000B with the new Sliding Table Saw attachment. It bolts to the table saw and lets the woodworker make smooth and precise cuts on large sheets and stock. With a precision bearing track system, it is "engineered to ensure precision while maximizing efficiency and performance". There's an extruded aluminum crosscut fence that slides on the table and quickly adjusts to varying angles. A telescoping fence extension supports longer work, for a smooth and controlled cut. The maximum table travel is 62-1/2" and the miter gauge adjusts from 0 to 50 degrees with six hard stops. The maximum rip capacity with the fence in front is 41", and it's 49" with the fence in the rear position. Saw owners can relocate the power switch box for better access when they add the slider. A quick locking lever secures the fence on the table, and the sealed ball bearings won't gum up with fine dust.

Lockdowel Fasteners Hold More than Half A Ton

In preparing for new tests by AWI (the Architectural Woodwork Institute), Lockdowel's fasteners were able to hold an astonishing 1,164 pounds on a shelf. The company is rigorously testing their fasteners to pass eight new AWI standards for commercial and institutional joining methods. In the latest preparation test, their Channel Lock fasteners held 1,164 pounds, or 210 lbs per square foot, on a one inch thick board shelf in a tall cabinet (the shelf bowed a little, but the fasteners worked perfectly). Lockdowel fasteners have always passed ANSI and BIFMA standards for AWI and WI (the Woodworking Institute). However, this is the first time that the AWI's National Testing Center (NTC) has validated joinery through their own performance testing. According to AWI, these tests will determine the structural integrity of architectural casework assemblies using various joinery methods and materials. The new testing methodologies have required three years of research.


Lockdowel fasteners are holding more than a 1,000 pounds on a shelf

New Tooling for Laminated Composite Materials from Vortex Tool Company


New Tooling for Laminated Composite Materials

Schofield, Wisconsin based Vortex Tool Company has introduced a new series of tornado compression tooling that has been specially engineered for cutting laminated composite materials. Called the Series 9800, the router bits' unique roughing and finishing flute design yields clean, finished-edge quality while eliminating delamination of the material. Available in four sizes, Series 9800 tooling is offered with or without CVD, which is a diamond coating that's designed to increase tool life when cutting highly abrasive substrates. Vortex, which is American owned and operated, designs and manufactures a wide variety of standard and custom high-performance router and insert cutting tools for the woodworking and plastics industries, and provides re-tipping and sharpening services for all makes and models.

The IMS Twister is Now Available at U.S. Router Tools

I.M.S. is based in Italy, and makes tool holders for CNCs. Among its latest offerings is the Twister, which was first launched about a year ago and is now available through suppliers in North America such as U.S. Router Tools and the IMS store. The company says that this device is a 'must-have' for any high dust applications. It works great to minimize particulates in the air, which helps with both air quality from a health perspective, and also finish quality. It helps keep the work space free from wood chips and residuals, so there's no accumulation and recutting of waste material near the tool. The manufacturer also claims that the Twister is 40% quieter than the competition, and has standard balancing at 25,000 RPM. Using it means that there's less time and cost spent on daily maintenance, and it can be used on HSK or ISO30 tool holders. It's easy to install, and IMS has posted a YouTube video on the product in use. Readers may also want to check out the newest version of the Klein Tornado, which is available from Stiles Machinery and is compatible with Weeke, Homag and many other brands of CNC machines.


The IMS Twister is now available at US Router Tools

RIDGID to introduce new 1/4 sheet sander and grinder


RIDGID Introduces New Octane Tools

Two new 18 Volt tools coming soon from RIDGID™ will complement the company's Octane™ cordless brand. The brushless 1/4 sheet sander (top) runs at 14,000 RPM, has a 3-mode digital dial, runs for more than an hour on the 9 aH version of the Octane battery, and features 90% dust collection. And the new brushless 7 inch grinder boasts an impressive 6600 RPM. It's optimized to run with either one or two Octane battery packs (!), and its Twistlock feature delivers a choice of any of its three head positions for enhanced versatility and comfort. The Octane battery family includes 3 aH, 6 aH and 9 aH Bluetooth® options that have respectively two, four and eight times the runtime of RIDGID's standard 18 Volt power packs. The Bluetooth technology reports battery charge level, battery maintence needs, charge completion time, and total hours used. Click on "Promotions" on the RIDGID website for more info.

Basic, Inexpensive CNC Class in May

In Hammond, Wisconsin (about an hour from the Minneapolis airport), Vondriska Woodworks will be presenting an all-day class on Saturday, May 4th titled You Can CNC. Students will work with VCarve software to create a design that includes lettering and artwork. They will learn how to create toolpaths, check the paths for accuracy, and export the files for work on a CNC machine. They'll see different methods for securing the work to the CNC table, how to zero the axes, and then cut the project they designed. George will take woodworkers step by step through a wall clock project design that provides many design and toolpath learning opportunities. Everyone makes the same project. When the design and toolpath work is complete, attendees will cut some of the clocks on one of George's CNC machines (there may not be time to cut all of the clocks). This is a hands-on class, accepting a small number of students. The fee is $125.


Vondriska Woodworks offers basic CNC class

DEWALT introduces new 6-1/2” to 8-1/4” Woodcutting Circular Saw Blades


New Blades

DeWALT has just introduced new 6-1/2" to 8-1/4" circular saw blades that feature an innovative new tooth profile. Designed for durability on the jobsite, the new blades have patent-pending ToughTrack™ tooth design, where an alternate top bevel plus rake (ATB+R) tooth grind helps clear debris from the cutting channel. Body slots on the blades help reduce vibration, and the teeth are made of tough, high-density tungsten carbide that helps them resist wear and provides long life. The reinforced shoulder provides impact resistant for strength and durability, especially against nail-embedded wood. The blades have a ToughCoat™ anti-stick coating to reduce friction and gumming.

New Material Handling Dolly

MAUD Max, the Motorized All-Terrain Utility Dolly, is the latest innovation from SawTrax. It's a material handling cart that makes it easy to move heavy loads such as MDF or granite tops at the jobsite or indoors at the woodshop. It's so easy to use, even an child can safely operate it. MAUD saves back and muscle strain and is made in the USA. It runs on electric power with zero emissions, zero fumes, and full power all of the time. It has minimal maintenance needs with no oil filters, air filters or gas to add. The all-day battery will run for a full shift on a single charge. With a 700lb weight capacity, flat-free tires (duallies on front!), and the flexibility to arrange the posts to suit any load, this is likely to become the new favorite material handling dolly for shops and installers.


MAUD Max from SawTrax

West County Woodcarvers show


St. Louis Area Carving Shows Announced

Located about half an hour west of St. Louis, the West County Woodcarvers will hold their fourteenth Annual Show on September 14 from 10 AM to 5 PM at the Salem Church in Ballwin (tentative date). Admission is free, and this is the perfect place to meet carvers and browse their art. There will be more than fifteen exibitors showing work from carving in the round to chainsaw carving, woodburning and relief carving. Then the St. Louis Area Woodcarvers show is scheduled for Saturday October 5th at the Peace United Church of Christ in Belleville, Illinois. And the Midwest Woodcarvers (formerly the Holzschitzers) show is scheduled for November 2nd and 3rd at the Belle-Clair Exposition Hall in Belleville. The first two shows are free, and admission to the Midwest club's show is $4 per person over 12. For a listing of other shows taking place around the nation as well as in Canada, visit Woodcarving Illustrated.

Band Saw with Infinite Speed

WoodEzine reported last October that Rikon Power Tools was going to offer an update for its band saws. The Massachusetts company has now introduced the 10-326 DVR 14" band saw with Digital Variable Reluctance (DVR) technology. The machine was developed in partnership with Striatech, a subsidiary of Teknatool International. Its 1.75 HP motor's speed is infinitely variable for a better finish cut, improved energy efficiency, less noise and vibration-free operation. It has an easy-to-read screen located on the post, and blade speed goes from 100 RPM (45 surface feet per minute) to 2,375 RPM (4400 SFPM). Continuous torque, fast electronic braking and load spike detection make the saw safer to use. There's Quick-Lock table setting and spring loaded, tool-free blade guide adjustment. We found it for $1,615 at Tool Center.


Rikon Power Tools has introduced the 10-326 DVR 14" band saw with Smart DVR echnology

Hexagon will host the second annual Production Software Users’ Group


Hexagon's Production Software Users’ Group

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence develops and distributes CAD CAM software including AlphaCam and Cabinet Vision. The company will host the second annual Production Software Users’ Group meeting at HxGN LIVE 2019, June 11-14, at The Venetian in Las Vegas. This is a four-day conference where the physical world converges with the digital. It offers keynote presentations and interactive sessions with product experts on design and manufacturing process optimization, CNC verification technology, tooling and resource management, and specialized solutions for the tooling, production engineering, and woodworking industries. The program is designed to help users and managers enhance their skills, apply best practices, and ensure their companies leverage the latest technologies and user benefits. To view the full session catalogue, click here.

New Desktop Laser System

Next Wave Automation in Perrysburg, Ohio, has introduced the Moray Ready2Laser®, an affordable desktop laser system that uses a powerful, 7 Watt solid state laser diode. The Moray includes design software that allows users to create files from almost any image. It can also import images from other software and can raster, trace, and perform light cutting on woods such as balsa and basswood, or on leather and fabrics. The new laser features a 2-1/2" exhaust port for use with standard, shop-style vacuums which are outfitted with HEPA filters, to remove smoke and fumes. For heavy use applications, Next Wave Automation offers an optional, inline exhaust system with a charcoal filtering system. Moray has an LCD color display and uses standard G-code files. Made in the USA, it is available now.


Next Wave Automation has just introduced the Moray Ready2Laser

Rockler Introduces Folding Adirondack Chair Plan and Templates


Folding Adirondack Plan and Hardware

Just in time for warmer weather, Rockler has introduced a new plan and template set for an Adirondack chair that folds up for compact storage. It includes illustrated step-by-step instructions explaining the building process, as well as full-size cardboard templates for parts with more complicated shapes. Rockler also is offering a hardware pack that contains the knobs and stainless steel fasteners required for one chair. When open, the chair is 33" wide x 41-3/4" tall x 35" deep (from the front of the arms to the rear ends of the back legs). Folded for upright storage against a wall, it measures33" wide x 50-1/2" tall x 10-1/4" deep. Easy-to-grip knobs secure the chair in either the open or the folded/storage position. The plan (item 63334) runs $24.99 and the hardware pack (item 68447) is $29.99.

Grizzly's New Cordless Tools

Grizzly Industrial is offering a new lineup of professional duty 20V Grizzly PRO™ cordless tools and accessories. 2.0Ah lithium ion batteries are low profile and lightweight, for all-day performance. Offered individually and as a kit, the ten-piece master kit includes the T30290 hammer drill, T30291 impact driver, T30292 3/8" impact wrench, T30293 circular saw, T30294 reciprocating saw, T30295 jigsaw, T30296 oscillating tool with nine accessories, T30298 inflator with an LCD panel, T30299 angle grinder, T30300 Bluetooth speaker, a T30301 USB adaptor, two T30304 2.0Ah batteries, one T30305 4.0Ah battery and a T30303 2.4A dual port charger. The catalog price for the entire kit (April 2019) is $549.95. Some individual tools are sold with battery and charger included, and some as tool only.


Grizzly has new line of cordless tools

Osborne Wood products is celebrating its 40th Anniversary


Happy 40th to Osborne!

Osborne Wood Products is celebrating 40 years of supplying the cabinetry, remodeling and furniture trades with the highest quality decorative wood components. Founded in 1979 in the Appalachian foothills town of Toccoa, Georgia, the family-owned and operated company has grown to become a leading international wood furniture components manufacturer and high-tech logistics company. Osborne Wood's humble origins trace back four decades to when Leon and Janice Osborne began manufacturing wood furniture components in their garage and selling them through a local country co-op. Since those days, the company’s offerings have grown, as has its cutting-edge, 80,000 square-foot manufacturing and distribution facility fully equipped with state-of-the-art CNC woodworking equipment.

Woodworking in Maine This Spring

The current exhibition at The Messler Gallery in Rockport, Maine showcases artist-made coffins and urns, and is titled "Boxes To Die For". It will pass into a better life on April 10th, to be replaced by "Current Student Work" which runs from April 19th through May 29th. The Messler is on the campus of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, and the gallery is always a huge treat for woodworkers. Shown here are (left) Australian artist Neil Turner's magnificent "Final Destination" which is an urn executed in sandalwood, black fleck jarrah and sheoak; and (right) a detail from a maple and stained glass cabinet named "Li" by Maine artist Rachel Davis, which was part of last year's student work exhibition. The gallery is open Monday through Saturday and is located at 25 Mill Street.


Exhibits this spring at the Messler Gallery in Maine

Griggio has licensed SawStop technology


Griggio Seems To Be Out Of Business

WoodEzine has heard from Jerry Johnson at North Carolina based J&G Machinery that the Italian manufacturer Griggio is, at the moment, not conducting any business. The Griggio website is still up as of April 1st, but the email contacts no longer work. The company had recently introduced a family of industrial grade sliding saws equipped with SawStop™ licensed safety technology, which is something that small production woodshops are quite interested in. Founded in 1966, J&G Machinery offers new and used machinery,parts, and in-house and on-site support.


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