June 2019

Woodworking news and new products

Grizzly Router Tables


Two New Router Tables from Grizzly

Grizzly Industrial has released two new router tables with lifts. The T28780 has a table size of 32" wide x 24" deep, while the T28781 table comes with extension wings and is 56" wide x 24" deep. Both are equipped with a micro-adjustable router lift that accepts most brands of routers. The lift provides convenient access to the collet for above-table bit changes, so the router never has to be removed from the table. There are dual dust ports, a 2-1/2" one at the fence and a 4" for the dust box. They feed into a Y with a single 4" output. The fence is 32" x 2-3⁄4", with T-slots for hold-downs and optional featherboards (not included). The smaller table weighs approx. 126 lbs, and the larger 171 lbs. The T28780 is listed at $795 and the T28781 is $1,095. Both are covered by a one-year warranty.

Spray Booth Robotics

CMA Spray Robotics of Udine, Italy has been in business for twenty-six years and is a world leader in the field of automatic spray equipment. Robotic Solutions, Inc. is based in Jasper, Indiana, and has now become the exclusive U.S. importer and service support for CMA. The Italian manufacturer designs and installs a wide range of robotic equipment, and supplies software for self-learning, point-to-point, off-line, and auto-generation tasks. CMA also manufacturers full turn-key spray systems for the wood industry. Robotic Solutions was formed in 2017 as a system partner for Kuka Robotics in Germany, and offers stationary, autonomous mobile, and collaborative robots. Beyond finishing, some applications in the woodshop include machine tending, palletizing, part-flipping, sanding, transporting parts and assembly.


Robotics Solutions to distribute CMA Robotics in the U.S.

Two tool trays from Garrett Wade


Two Tool Trays From Garrett Wade

These fully adjustable magnetic steel trays rotate to seven different locking positions, so they can be used from the underside of objects to the top of a horizontal surface, and everything in between. They will hold lug wrenches and nuts in the driveway when working on a car, or organize the dozens of hardware bits and Allen keys in the woodshop. They are mountable to any steel surface, with protective rubber gaskets covering the strong magnets. The small tray has a 2-½ lb holding capacity and dimensions at 6 x 2-¾ x 1" deep. The large tray holds 5 lbs and measures 11 x 7 x 1. They're ideal for latyhes, drill presses and other machines.

Simply Ingenious...

Here's a handy gizmo for a woodshop that needs to change the guide bearings frequently on router bits. The Router Bit Quick Vise (item 297) from MLCS is listed at $29.95 and there's an introductory $5 discount right now. It quickly locks bits in position for maintenance and bearing changes, using a bidirectional lock that securely holds the shaft with no slippage. It avoids any finger cuts from sharp carbide, or scuffing the shaft or chipping the corners of the cutter when using pliers. The vise works with both 1/4" and 1/2" shanks. One face allows for loosening, the other for tightening (they are marked). Simply push the bit into, or out of, the relevant hole. It locks in place and stays rigid while you use an Allen key to remove or replace the bearing.


Mlcs router bit vise

Blue Spruce announces 4 inch sliding bevel gauges


Precision Sliding Bevel Gauges

Blue Spruce Toolworks, LLC in Sandy, Oregon is known for its exquisite hand tools, and a new line of 4" sliding bevel gauges is no exception. Each gauge features a unique locking mechanism that solidly holds the blade in the desired position when needed, while also allowing for precise, adjustable drag for setting the initial angle. This is not a re-make of an old patent, but rather a unique design that allows for a blade centered symmetrically in the body, a fine adjustment, and solid locking. The tools can be customized for size, body color, infill type and hardware options. The blade is available in satin finished hardened stainless steel, or with a black ceramic coating. Only a small number of the many combinations are shown in the photo.

New Weinig Holz-Her Showroom in California

In May, Weinig Holz-Her USA celebrated the grand opening of Expo West, the group's newest location in Anaheim, California. This is a fully operational showroom serving the western region of the US. In addition to demonstration appointments, the facility will host open house events, technology showcases, trade association tours, and educational classes. The facility currently has over 15 powered machines. Weinig Holz-Her USA offers an array of equipment including moulders, cross-cut saws, rip saws, finger jointers, gluing presses, scanners, CNC machining centers (such as the Nextec 7707 Push from Holz-Her shown at right), edge banders, beam saws, vertical saws, material handling equipment, and fully integrated software solutions that manage and optimize production.


The Nextec 7707 push, from Holz-Her

Castle introduces Torx Panhead screws


Torx Panhead Screws for Pocket Joinery

Petaluma, California based Castle Inc. has introduced several new takes on pocket screw joinery over the past few years. Now the company has come to the rescue of our knuckles by introducing Torx panhead screws that have a better grip and don't spin out as easily as square drive screws. Castle's unique pocket milling system reduces the industry standard 15 degree entry angle to a low profile 6 degrees, which means that the screw is entering the second piece of wood at a less aggressive angle. The company says that results in less slippage than a more diagonal entry. The new screws are available in both 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" lengths, in 250, 1,000 and full case lots (8,000).

The Autore Collection from Richelieu

Looking for something special in cabinet and furniture hardware? Autore is a unique collection of more than four hundred pulls and knobs that are the result of the creative journeys of sixteen leading European designers. This is luxury decorative hardware that goes beyond trends, and makes its own statement. Richelieu is based in Montreal, and its designers have an impressive pedigree and wide-ranging expertise in architecture, interior, industrial, and furniture design. This collection marries aesthetic appeal with functionality, and epitomizes the best of Italian design. Unlike anything else on the market, this is hardware that can add new dimensions to cabinetry and furniture. It includes matte, semi-gloss and glossy finishes, from stainless steel to bronze, nickel and chrome.


Richelieu's Autore Collection

Ridgid Octane brushless planer R8481B


Brushless 18V 3-1/4" Planer

Ridgid recently released its new Octane™ 18 Volt, 3-1/4" planer that features a high-performance brushless motor. Its advanced electronics provide best-in-class power and intelligence, and when paired with an Octane™ battery (not included), the tool delivers up to two and a half times the power of the previous version. The R8481B planer ($159 tool only, at The Home Depot) has the industry's only adjustable chamfer depth with five positions, and there's also a depth adjustment knob for flat planing that has twenty locking positions. A dual chip exhaust allows users to select whether the waste is extracted on the left or right side. The no-load speed is 14,300 RPM, and the maximum rabbet depth is 1/2". The maximum cut is 5/64".

Assembling Furniture with Nuts and Bolts?

A crossover from the automobile and other industries, a nutrunner can be just the right tool for woodworkers who are assembling casework or counters with certain types of RTA and knockdown hardware. In May, Stanley's Assembly Technologies division introduced a new member to its B-Series cordless tool line. Called the B44L angle-lever cordless nutrunner, it runs on a DeWALT 60-volt Flexvolt™ battery. It's the most powerful cordless nutrunner in the assembly market and has impressive battery runtime (180 watt-hours). Making sure that hardware is tightened to the correct torque specification can be critical, and this tool sends the operator audible and visible feedback to confirm that. It can also store data for up to 500 fastening cycles, and has a built-in controller with wireless capacity.


Stanley Nutrunner 60 Volt

Thermwood has posted a video on the Cut Ready 43 making a door and drawer front


Would You Like to Give Artie A Job?

Thermwood has just posted a new video of the Cut Ready 43 machining a door and a matching drawer front in MDF. The video is also viewable on the company website. The machine (shown at left) is equipped with a 5x8 table, a 21-position tool changer and a high flow vacuum hold-down system. It's intended to make the magic of Artie more affordable. Artie (AI) is a CNC programmer and designer who also watches over your shoulder to make sure everything goes smoothly and efficiently. You tell him what you want and he creates a program to make it. Whether it's cabinets, doors, moldings or furniture, Artie will program it for you! These are not pre-programmed libraries. No part programs exist in the control until Artie creates them. He is already capable of programming tens of millions of unique products and is constantly learning how to make and do more. Artie is easy enough that virtually anyone can work with him, with little or no training.

A Single Spindle CNC Dovetailer

For shops that make drawers in-house, Mereen-Johnson will be bringing the new 1101 single spindle CNC dovetailer to AWFS next month (booth 8614). It combines production flexibility with very fast changeovers, and uses a 3 HP spindle to create half-blind, box joint, and French dovetails. The 1101 has programmable cutting speeds, with high-speed non-cutting moves between zones. It also offers automatic partial tenon removal. The collet type tool change offers increased flexibility with different types of bits/cutters. And the variable speed spindle runs at portable router speeds, up to 20,000 RPM. There's an on-board modem and integral diagnosis, so it's easy to understand and simple to use. The operator can change the pitch, size, and pattern of the dovetails in seconds from the console, and there's an optional scoring pass to reduce tearout. MJ has online technical support, and says a woodworker needs no prior computer or CNC experience to operate the 1101.


Mereen-Johnson’s new Model 1101 Single Spindle CNC Dovetailer

Water Street Brasss acquired by Top Knobs


Water Street Brass is Now Part of Top Knobs

Founded by brothers Matt and Charles Churchill in 2012 in Jamestown, New York, Water Street Brass designs and manufactures high-end solid brass decorative hardware, as well as a beautiful collection of door hardware suites. The company has been acquired by Top Knobs, an industry leader in fine decorative hardware for kitchens and baths. According to Matt Churchill, the acquisition will provide significant new opportunities for growth in jobs, manufacturing capacity, and distribution. The Top Knobs team is committed to the local community, and pleased to support further growth of Water Street Brass. Other Top Knobs brands include Atlas Homewares, Du Verre, Vesta Fine Hardware, Jeffrey Alexander and Elements.

Looking for CAD CAM Software?

Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division will be exhibiting upgrades to its AlphaCam, Cabinet Vision and Workplan software at AWFS next month. The newest version of Cabinet Vision for woodworkers delivers significant enhancements to construction functionality, including a flexible new method for defining the machining necessary to connect parts. Version 12 also introduces a new direct connection to the Leica 3D Disto™ laser measuring system, to provide even more accuracy when collecting field-dimension data. New features and product enhancements will be demonstrated at booth 4413. Hexagon's NC Toolpath goes from Screen-to-Machine™, and Cabinet Vision can create shop drawings, generate cut and material lists, do bids and optimize material.


Hexagon showcasing software upgrades at AWFS

Skil PWRcore 20


A USB Port in the Battery...

The new line of PWRCore 20™ tools from Skil is receiving positive reviews. It has digital brushless motors and patented battery technology. Busy woodworkers will appreciate the 5-minute charging - its PWRJump™ lets a user press a button and in five minutes have enough charge to drive up to 100 screws. There's a patented cooling system, and the battery cells are wrapped with temperature management material to keep the battery cool. A built-in USB charger means the battery can also charge phones and tablets. PWRCore comes in 20 Volt and 12 Volt versions.

Cordless Rear Handle Circular Saw

Milwaukee has introduced a new 7-1/4" circular saw with a unique rear handle design. It can generate the power of 15 amp corded saws, cut faster than 15 amp corded worm drive saws, and deliver up to 570 cuts per charge with the company's M18™ RedLithium high output battery. A brushless motor provides 5,800 RPM and higher speeds under load. Redlink Plus™ intelligence ensures maximum tool performance and protects the saw from overload, overheating and over discharge. The battery (not included) is compatible with all M18™ tools. The saw has an electric blade break, LED work light, and all magnesium guards and shoe. A hook lets a woodworker hang it on a nearby 2x truss or rafter.


Milwaukee 2830-20 rear handle circular saw

Easy Mini Hollowers from EWT


Easy Mini Hollowers

Kentucky based Easy Wood Tools has always been an innovator in the carbide turning field, and the company has just introduced a new set of three small hollowing tools. Each of the new tools comes with EWT's negative rake cutters that "provide superior controlled cuts and clean finishes", and they will also accept standard cutters for more aggressive stock removal. There's a straight, a 45 degree and a 90 degree tool, all designed for better control on small turnings such as ornaments or hollow boxes, or for detailed work on larger projects. They are available individually or as a boxed set that has a black velvet lining and a sliding acrylic lid (nice gift item). The solid maple handles are 12" long.

Palm Router Combination Kit

Bosch has created a combination kit for its popular Colt 1.25 HP variable speed palm router. The new package pairs the tool with both a fixed and a plunge base. The GKF125CE is an ideal tool for rounding over railings, hinge mortising, decorative edge forming and laminate trimming. The motor has soft-start circuitry, a variable-speed dial and Constant Response circuitry. The fixed base has macro and micro fine depth adjustment, and a round sub-base. The plunge base has Precision Centering Design to keep the bit on the cut line, as well as a spring-lock plunge lever depth rod with fine adjustment. The kit also includes a straight-edge guide and a carrying case.


Bosch Variable-Speed Palm Router Combination Kit

DEWALT announces the XTREME Subcompact Series


DeWALT's XTREME Subcompact Series

On June 5th, DeWALT announced the introduction of its new XTREME Subcompact Series™, a line of five compact, high performance, brushless 12V MAX* tools. Shown here is the DCF601B Brushless Screwdriver, and the other members of the family include a drill/driver, impact driver, impact wrench and a hammer drill. DeWALT says that professionals looking for capable, subcompact tools that perform tough applications in hard to reach spaces will discover that the XTREME Subcompact Series are the ultimate choice. They will be available in summer 2019 at LOWES Home Improvement Stores as well as independent channels. Each tool comes with a three-year limited warranty, a one-year free service contract, and a 90-day money back guarantee. Prices start ast $99 (tool only) and the line can be purchased as bare tools or kits.

Dropbox Removes Large Chips

Nordfab is based in Thomasville, North Carolina and is in the process of introducing a Dropout Box for woodshop ductwork that releases large wood chips from the airstream. Inside a duct, deflectors knock chips downward into a built-in hopper, or a waste barrel. The Dropout Box is easily added into Nordfab’s Quick-Fit® clamp-together ductwor (small inset picture), which allows fast installation without special tools, rivets, screws or welding. Quick-Fit allows easy adjustment of ducting layouts during installation, as well as easy removal for cleaning, reconfiguring, or relocation. The ductwork components have a rolled edge on the ends that provides an easy connection to other components with the use of a barrel-type clamp. A specially designed gasket inside the clamp seals the joint tightly without any special tools.


Nordfab's new dropout box

ecoForce no-battery pushbutton cabinet lock


Medicine Chest or Toolbox Security

CompX Security Products in Greenville, South Carolina has introduced a new way to securely lock cabinet doors in office and other low security situations. The new CompX ecoForce is a mechanical push-button cabinet lock that doesn't require any batteries, which of course is good for the environment and also saves money. The lock lets a woodworker set a user code from one to five digits long. If the user code is forgotten, ecoForce has a code recovery feature and it is also equipped with a key override. It's available in two versions. SlamCAM is a spring loaded latch, allowing the user simply to close the cabinet door or drawer with no need to return the knob to the locked position. And the manual locking version requires the knob to be rotated into the unlocked and locked positions. It's ideal for medical supply cabinets, tool boxes and the like.

Barn Doors... on Cabinets!

Outwater Industries has addded a new aspect to their Sliding Barn Door Hardware collection. The Mini Barn Door Hardware Kit is for furniture and cabinet doors. The steel hardware accommodates doors up to 44 lbs and 3/4" to 1" thick. Popular applications include kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, hidden TV solutions, buffets, armoires, and interior window shutters. Kits are available for both double doors and single doors, in a variety of mounting options and finishes. The company says that a key advantage of its barn door hardware kits is their customizable rail sizes. The 4 ft., 5 ft., and 6 ft. rails can be trimmed using a hacksaw or band saw. Two end caps are provided to cover raw edges for safety and offer a finished look. Outwater also sells an Extension Kit that extends the rail by up to 48" for longer runs.


Outwater offers barn door hardware for smaller cabinets

Ecogate software works in mobile apps


Monitor Dust Collection From the Road

Ecogate supplies medium and large woodshops with blast gate systems that dramatically reduce energy costs while improving air quality for employees and finishes. The company's software controls the gates at individual machines so that they can be part of an efficient system. Now, Ecogate's state-of-the-art greenBOX NXT dust collection controller offers secure access on a web browser. Shop managers who have a browser in an automobile, for example, can check in on their dust collection system while doing customer estimates or perhaps visiting suppliers. It's as easy as logging into their Ecogate Account. They can also keep an eye on which machines are being used in the woodshop from a computer, tablet, smartphone or other device located on a jobsite, in the shop or on the road.

Two New Casework Connectors

OVVO has introduced a couple of new plastic connectors in its award-winning V-1230 series. There's a new push-in connector (at left in photo) designed primarily for nesting where the large round tap at top fits in a standard 25mm drill hole. It requires no tools, screws or glue and is available in both permanent and releasable options. And a new push-in connector for drilling (at right) has two self-locking dowel shaped pins with 32mm centers that use the housing's built-in tolerance to deliver strength to the joint. This, too, comes in permanent and releasable options. Both devices just won a High Product Quality Award at Interzum 2019. OVVO partners with Alphacam, Cabinet Vision, Cabinet Sense, Mozaik, Top Solid Wood, and a number of CNC manufacturers.


Two new connectors from OVVO

PDS introduces the DLB 100 tool change belt drive spindle


Process Narrower Parts, with the DLB 100

Precision Drive Systems (PDS) will introduce its new DLB 100 automatic tool-change belt-drive spindle at AWFS 2019 in Las Vegas. The spindle uses patented Dyna-Lock tool change technology and sensors for 'tool locked' and 'rotation'. The HSK63F tool interface is the most common in the industry, and offers the greatest selection of tooling options. Two, three and four nose-bearing versions can accommodate even the most rigorous application demands. On one side of the square body, the center of the tool is only 50mm from the edge. That allows users to run a smaller diameter tool, which means that using the DLB 100 as a jump spindle allows users to process very narrow parts.

New Series 9900 Tooling for Softer Plastics

A new family of cutters from Wisconsin based Vortex Tool Company, the 9900 series, is designed specifically for use in softer plastics so it will be of special interest to woodshops that make signage. The double-edged O-flute upcut spiral tooling delivers better finishes in plastics such as HDPE, ABS, UHMW, solid surface, polycarbonate and similar materials. With improved geometry including a slightly higher helix, the Series 9900 has better chip evacuation in thicker materials and the polished flute reduces drag, allowing for a deeper depth per pass. Seven sizes are available. Vortex designs and manufactures a wide variety of standard and custom high-performance router and insert cutting tools for the woodworking and plastics industries, and provides re-tipping and sharpening services.


Vortex Tool's new Series 9900 tools for softer plastics

Picture Rail Gallery's brass gallery rod systems


Picture Rail Upgrade

Picture Hang Solutions in Wilmington, North Carolina has introduced a new line of brass gallery rods (near left) to complement their standard brass rod (far left). That original rod (BGS-OGROD) is shaped to fit on traditional wood picture rail moldings, is five feet long, and comes with a rubber tip to prevent damage to walls. The brass rod is 4mm (5/32") square and lies flat against the wall. The new line of Brass Gallery Rod systems allows a designer to add rods or hooks as needed. It includes an easy to install 6-foot long J-channel, which can be used where wood picture rail isn't easily available, and the basic kit includes a couple of five-foot long rods, two brass hooks and a hardware pack for mounting to the wall.


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