December 2019

Woodworking news and new products

Makita introduces 25 new tools at


Makita Announces 25 New Products

Makita introduced a staggering twenty-five new cordless power tools at the Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA) trade show. Among them is the XPK02 18V LXT® Brushless 3-1/4" Planer. The year 1958 marked the release of Makita's first power tool, which also was a portable electric planer. In 2020 Makita will expand its range of corded and cordless planers with this new one that is powered by an efficient brushless motor for increased power, speed and run time over non-brushless models. Also announced was the JR3051T 12 Amp Recipro Saw that delivers up to 3,000 strokes per minute, and has a longer 1-3/16" stroke for faster cutting. WoodEzine will keep you informed as all of these new tools become available over the coming months.

The 20V MAX XR 1/4 Sheet Sander

DeWALT's new 20-Volt brushless, cordless 1/4 Sheet Variable Speed Sander (DCW200) has a seven-speed dial with speeds from 12,000 to 14,000 OPM. It is just 5.3 inches tall, 6 inches long, 4.6 inches wide, and 2.1 pounds without a battery. For dust collection, it has a one-handed locking dust bag that attaches through its Airlock™-compatible dust port. Alternatively, the user can attach it to the DWV010 or DWV012 dust collectors (sold separately). The sander features a rubber over-mold grip, while a paper clamp is designed to hold paper securely and provide easy installation. It's listed at $249 with a 5.0Ah battery, and $199 with a 2.0Ah cell. The tool only is $129.


DEWALT Announces 20V MAX* XR® 1/4 Sheet Sander

The Mite-R-Excel II™ miter gauge from JessEm Tools


An Old Favorite is Updated

JessEm Tool Company in Orillia, Ontario has reintroduced the Mite-R-Excel II™. It features nine miter detents with a spring loaded indexing pin. The front fence extrusion is 20" in length with a telescopic stop that extends up to 36" (inset photo), and the adjustable flip stop can be used with a sacrificial fence up to 3/4" thick. JessEm's patent pending fence locating knob reset the fence back to the correct distance to the blade. Squaring up the fence to the guide bar has never been easier with the adjustable fence mount and bar snuggers ensure the miter gauge slides perfectly into the miter slot for smooth, perfect cuts every time. The guide bar is custom rolled steel from Sheffield, England, with 34 Swiss turned stainless steel parts and laser engraved for accuracy. $299.99 USD.

Fanuc CRX Series Collaborative Robots

There's some good news for woodshops that are looking to automate small parts movement. On December 18th, Fanuc America introduced two new, lightweight collaborative robots (cobots) that are designed to work safely with people in a work cell - they have sensors to avoid physical contact and harm. The CRX-10iA has a payload of 10 kg (22 lbs.) and a reach of 1249 mm (49"). The second model, the CRX-10iA/L, has the same lifting ability and a slightly longer reach (1418 mm, or just under 56"). These units are easy to install, integrate into a production process, and connect to third-party grippers. The new CRX cobots use Fanuc's latest compact R-30iB Mini Plus Controller, for even more space savings. The company is headquartered in Rochester Hills, Michigan and has offices throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Introducing the New FANUC CRX Series Collaborative Robot

PaintLine’s new accessories expand PSDR Painting and Drying Rack functionality


New Accessories For Painting/Drying Racks

Menlo Park, California based PaintLine has introduced two new accessories for its PSDR spraying and drying rack. These double the rack's capacity without increasing its footprint. The PSDR Series (SD) is an integrated system designed to paint and dry cabinet doors, drawer fronts and other parts in a vertical orientation with the least amount of effort and space. Parts hang for spraying of all sides in one step. The new height extenders increase the vertical height capacity, and new second tier connectors let users create an additional, customizable level of drying space. The new accessories can be used separately or together, with no tools needed. The height extenders add an extra 12" to the rack for extra tall cabinet doors, shutters, refrigerator panels or other tall parts.

Automatic Lube System for CNC Routers

Located in Cartersville, Georgia, CAMaster has introduced a new automatic lubrication system as an optional feature available on its CNC Routers. It takes much of the guesswork out of maintenance, ensuring that the machine's bearings and ballscrew are properly and continuously lubricated to keep performing at an optimal level. The Auto Lube System eliminates the need to manually grease each bearing and ballscrew. It automatically applies the right amount of grease to each component every time, and protects against premature wear of the parts mentioned plus the linear rails. And, since lubrication occurs while the machine is in operation, the system reduces costly downtime and offers the best way to lubricate components in an abrasive or high-dust environment. The Auto Lube System is available only on new machines.


CAMaster Introduces New Automatic Lubrication System for CNC Routers

The new 19-38 Combination Brush/Drum Sander from Laguna Tools


New 19-38 Combination Brush/Drum Sander

Laguna Tools has just introduced a new 19-38 Combination Brush/Drum Sander that allows a woodworker to drum sand and profile sand on the same machine, using interchangeable drum and brush heads. The new model includes a sanding head assembly with a flatter installed, a conveyor table assembly, an aluminum drum with two bearing sets, a coupling and one 80-grit abrasive belt, plus an open stand assembly and Delta controls. This machine is sold exclusively through Laguna's dealer network, and pricing starts at $2,799 (the SKU is 219383). In 2017, the company purchased St. Paul, Minnesota based St. Joseph Tools, LLC, which is more familiar to woodworkers as the drum sander manufacturer SuperMax Tools. Watch for the January sale...

Vacuum Block with Status Lights

New from Padsmore Inc. in Pickering, Ontario is a dual vacuum block that can work as a fullsize or as a half-size block. Called the VM block, it glows green when the suction is on, and becomes red if the vacuum is leaking or weak. This allows an operator to make a better judgement about fixturing and placement, and thus reduce errors in machining. The VM is a 100 mm height suction block for CNC machines, and as of now there are only two sizes available (full and half-size). Padsmore, which also supplies tool holders and tooling for CNCs (plus parts and accessories for edgebanders) has the ability to design a specific, custom suction system for special projects.


Dual suction block with status lights from Padsmore

Stabilizer bar tools from Osborne Wood products


Stop Tabletops Warping, Gapping

Woodshops that are building tables will welcome two new Poettker V stabilizer bar tools from Osborne Wood Products in Toccoa, Georgia. These make it easier to attach steel stabilizer bars (shown, $10.08 to $46.48) to the undersides of tabletops and counters. The bars come in various lengths (15.5" to 72"), and are installed in the underside of the panel, across the grain. They allow the wood to move, and thereby prevent warping, washboarding, cupping and gapping over time as moisture changes. Each bar fits into a recessed groove that can be created using a custom router bit. Part 988 (2-3/4" x 2" on the left, $305.54) is for portable routers, and Part 989 (12mm on the right, $201.81) is for CNCs.

Craftsman Adds To Versastack Stackable Storage

Craftsman has added three new storage solutions to its Versastack™ line - a 216-piece, three drawer Mechanics Tool Set (CMMT99206), a 17-inch Tool Bag (CMST17622), and the 30-quart cooler (CMST17824). Existing products in this line include toolboxes of various sizes, organizers, a radio and charger, and more ideas for maximum mobility, organization, and even entertainment on and off the job. A popular solution for portable storage, the system is modular, allowing the user to build a configuration that suits specific needs. Each of the hard-sided units is IP54-rated for durability and strength, and each can be stacked using interlocking top and bottom latches. Users can store large and small power tools, hand tools and small accessories, and secure them using the heavy-duty front metal latches.





A New Color from Dymalux

The newest DymaLux brand laminated panel from Cousineau Wood Products in North Anson, Maine is called Mighty Morphin. The company makes multi-colored plywood panels for woodturning, sculpture, furniture, gun stocks and other artistic pursuits. The panels are dye and resin infused birch, and are quite dense and hard. They're also water and heat resistant, and e -friendly. The new pattern is black, red, blue, yellow, pink and green. Panels run from 1/8" to 2" thick (and they can be laminated for thicker needs), and the standard size is 10" x 40". Custom sizes are available. 3/4" panels are popular with pen turners. The inset image in the photo is an array of peppermills made with various panels, and illustrates the diversity of color and pattern.

Cabinet Vision Version 12 Coming in 2020

The latest version of Cabinet Vision (design-to-manufacturing software) will be presented at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2020. That takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada from January 21-23 . The new version features an all-new connection manager that delivers complete control over the machining that occurs where two parts meet, by letting users easily define and automate those connections. For instance, if a dado with pre-drills or fixed position-dowels with RTA fittings are needed, the connection manager provides the tools needed to define those specific operations. There's a new Assembly Manager in Version 12, which is used by engineers to specify construction methods, and standardize production. This now includes the ability to select connections for each part, and there's also a newly enhanced, user-friendly interface.


CABINET VISION Version 12 will be exhibited in 2020

Big Ass Fans


Giant Fans for Large Woodshops

Big Ass Fans has unveiled Powerfoil D, the product of 10 years of design. This is the first and only direct-drive overhead fan designed for harsh industrial environments. Powerfoil D delivers the strength and performance required for large spaces, but with virtually silent operation and aesthetic appeal to thrive in any commercial or public setting. "We're leading the industry in direct-drive technology," says John Gerhardt, Big Ass Fans product manager. "We designed Powerfoil D with the same premium materials and safety features as every fan in our Powerfoil line. As the only industrial fan with a standard IP66 rating, it’s every inch an industrial product." As a sign of the company's growth, Big Ass Fans aired its first national TV commercial during NBC’s coverage of the Breeders' Cup in July.

The Electric Ray Sander

SurfPrep uploaded a video about its new 3" x 4" Electric Ray sander a couple of months ago, and the tool will be on display at IWF in Atlanta in August. This is a professional sander (listed at $475.00 to $508.50) that has three speeds for doing everything from fine finish sanding to fairly aggressive stock removal (4,000, 7,000 and 9,000 RPM). Its brushless outer-runner motor is constructed with large magnets, providing greater torque - and that saves energy compared to inner-runner motors. The tool's computer board is completely protected with a patented rubberized seal that prevents environmental contamination. A patented spindle bearing fan enhances life by keeping the motor and bearings at a lower temperature. There are two override protection programs, and the electric Ray is set up for highly effective dust collection. Other sizes and shapes are available.


SurfPrep's new

New sculpted door from St Georges Doors


Something New in MDF Doors

Quebec based custom manufacturer Saint-Georges Doors is known for cabinet doors that are curved in either, or even both directions. Now the innovative company has developed a new art panel, milled on a CNC in medium density fiberboard, that brings texture and life to flat doors. Named as Decorative Art P2517, the small repeating pattern makes it easy to center the design in a stile and rail frame. The very contemporary design is available in custom sizes, and it can relieve a wall of monotone doors with texture, rather than having to add new colors to gain a three-dimensional perspective. Founded in 1976, the company employs more than 100 people, is located about 30 minutes from the border with Maine and ships anywhere in the U.S.

Beaver Tools Becomes Shaper Origin Dealer

Beaver Industrial Supply (Beaver Tools) in St Louis, Missouri is now carrying the Shaper Origin, and the list price is $2,499 (the item number is SHSO1-NN). The company offers financing, free shipping and a free pack of Shaper tape. Shaper Origin is the world's first handheld CNC machine, and it was designed with woodworking professionals in mind. It brings CNC-level precision to a hand tool. The operator applies special tape to the wood, lets the tool scan the tape locations, and then uploads a design. The machine then makes small adjustments as the woodworker moves it along the tape, so that the cutter stays exactly where it needs to be (left/right and up/down). If the operator strays too far off track, the cutter automatically retracts, avoiding costly mistakes.


Beaver Tools to carry the Shaper Origin

Two medical cabinet locks fromn Lock Connection


Two Ways to Lock a Medical Cabinet

Schools, pharmacies, human resources offices and a host of other cabinet clients have a need for secure storage, especially where opioids and other addictive medicines are concerned. Jeff Walker at The Lock Connection in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, tells WoodEzine that one of the more popular solutions this year is the second generation fingerprint biometric cabinet lock (far left, item SDWF-MC002-G2, $89), which provides keyless access and stores up to ten different fingerprints. Another great answer here is the Hidden or Invisible RFID cabinet lock, (item SDWS-BK001-G1, $36.85), that comes with 1 management card, 2 user cards, a strike plate, the lock itself and instructions. Both are relatively easy to install.

Simpler, More Efficient Shop Management

Most woodshop owners and managers have heard of ERP (enterprise resource planning), and many already use this software. For those who don't, or who don't yet know what it can do for a shop, Global Shop Solutions is now offering free downloadable product sheets that explain each of its software units. ERP is a way of integrating all of the management functions, using software. It lets a woodshop collect, save, organize and ultimately use data from all the different business activities. It informs decisions, so a shop can do things such as relate the vacation schedule to specific projects, or know what's in inventory when bidding a job, and it can be set up on a need-to-know basis for staff.


Downloadable ERP product sheets from Global Shop Solutions

Ellis, Ryland and


Three New Hardware Collections

Top Knobs has introduced three new collections to its product line for 2020. They will be formally launched at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas, January 21 through 23, at booth N2763. Inspired by the historic architecture of Savannah, the Ellis collection is a modern reinvention of classically influenced designs. It's comprised of 270 pieces in 5 series - Telfair, Hartridge, Julian, Davenport, and Ellis. Ryland features 28 pieces in 6 styles of hook - Juliet, Reeded, Kara, Bergen, Emerald and Hillmont. And with 56 pieces, Amwell features a unique knurled design and is available in four of Top Knobs' most sought after finishes - Ash Gray, Honey Bronze, Flat Black, and Brushed Satin Nickel.

Much More Than A Trim Router

The Bosch GKF125CEPK Colt variable speed palm router combination kit includes a fixed base and a plunge base. It has an ergonomic palm-grip design with soft-grip and ample power, with a 1.25 HP (max) rating. More than a laminate trimmer, it is the ideal tool for rounding over railings, hinge mortising, decorative edge forming as well as laminate trimming. The motor features soft-start circuitry, a variable-speed dial and Constant Response circuitry. Its fixed base features macro- and micro-fine depth adjustment and a centerable round subbase. The plunge base features a Precision Centering Design to keep the bit on the cut line, as well as a spring-lock plunge lever depth rod with fine adjustment.


Bosch GKF125CEPK Colt 1.25 HP (Max) Variable-Speed Palm Router

STANLEY® and STANLEY® FATMAX® concealed, auto-retracting, and spring-loaded safety knives


Sixteen New Knives from Stanley

New Britain, Connecticut is home to Stanley Tools hand tool division, which has just released sixteen new utility knives. They include Stanley® and Fatmax® concealed, auto-retracting, and spring-loaded safety knives designed to increase protection and security in fast-paced work environments, where safety is a priority. The new safety knives offer three blade depth settings to protect contents inside packaging materials. There's a new trigger-squeeze to reduce user strain, and blade locks that help prevent accidental blade exposure. And the Fatmax premium auto-retract squeeze safety knife has improved technology that includes a pressure-sensitive blade that automatically retracts once disengaged from the cutting surface. Read more here...

The Latest SawStop™ Saw

Billed by the company as "the world's safest mobile saw", the new Jobsite Saw Pro has upgrades from the previous version that include a deeper table, an active dust collection blade guard and a T-Glide high/low fence. It has a 1.5 HP motor drawing 15 Amps, weighs in at 113 lbs., has a full 10" blade (8" x 13/16" max dado), and the patented SawStop finger protection technology. It adjusts (height and bevel) very quickly, and has a storage drawer under the table for accessories. The MSRP is $1,399, and extra brake cartridges are $79 ($99 for the dado version).


SawStop's new portable job saw

The new A-Line substrate cutters from Safety Speed Cut


A Panel Saw for Signmakers

Woodworkers who build signs will appreciate the new A-Line Substrate Cutters from Safety Speed Manufacturing in Ham Lake, Minnesota. They provide a dust free cutting system for processing essential sign making materials. Available in three sizes with maximum crosscuts of 65", 82" and 98", each substrate cutter includes a single blade cartridge cutting up to 0.75", a three blade cartridge cutting up to 0.5", an ACM cutting wheel cartridge, an acrylic scoring cartridge and a wall mounting kit to mount the cutter. the tool can process corrugated plastic, PVC, foam board, aluminum composite panels, MDF up to 3mm, acrylic, honeycomb board and magnetic sheets. V-Grooving and aluminum cutting wheel cartridges are available. The interchangeable tool cartridges can be changed in under 10 seconds, providing versatility for switching between materials without sacrificing time.

SawTrax Updates the yel-Low Safety Dolly

The extremely handy 30" x 25" yel-Low dolly from SawTrax was originally designed to allow movement in any direction. A fixed caster was later added in the 25" direction to increase ease of movement over longer distances. Now, the company has upgraded to a bracket which, when the caster is attached, allows the yel-Low to move in the direction of the wider 30" side. This lets woodworkers carry 20-inch wider material than before. The dolly is a truly innovative asset that can carry furniture, sheet goods or casework up to 1000 lbs. With a powder coated uni-body steel box, it's about the height of a pallet, so one person can load and go. The post system allows it to be reconfigured quickly.


SawTrax has updated the yel-Low Safety Dolly

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