January 2020

Woodworking news and new products

New Dust Right Rolling DC 750 from Rockler


A 750 CFM Mobile Dust Collector

The new Dust Right® Mobile Dust Collector from Rockler "rides on smooth-rolling casters to service all the power tools in most small shops. It features a large wire basket in the base for neatly storing your hose and nozzles, and mounting holes in the frame let you hang various Dust Right® accessories. This way, as you roll it around your shop, you'll always have the accessories you need close at hand. The dust collector comes standard with a high-quality 1-micron canister filter, which further contributes toward cleaner air in the shop. The crank-style agitator makes it easy to clean the filter - just rotate a few times to knock the dust off the sides. Plus, emptying the collector bag couldn't be easier, thanks to the convenient snap band ring. 750 CFM promises excellent suction for most any power tool." $549.99

CAD Competition for Students

Design it Digital is a CAD-based design coompetition that is open to middle school, high school, and post-secondary students in accredited design or related programs in North America. Sponsored by the Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS), the contest is entirely free. This is the second time the contest has been organized, and entries are due by May 29, 2020. Students are presented with three hypothetical scenarios in which a client is asking for a specific custom piece of furniture. Students can choose their favorite client project and design a solution using CAD and rendering software. Shown at right is 2018 Design It Digital winning entry Kakoi Cabinet, which was designed by Patrick Duckett Kakoi at the North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia (his instructor was Michael Barcarse).


2018 Design It Digital Winner

New standards for stair builders  

New Standards for Stair Building

The Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) and the Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association (SMA) have announced that the Wood Stair, Handrail, and Guard Systems Standard (AWI SMA 0643) has been completed. This provides standards and tolerances for the quality fabrication and field installation of these components. It establishes minimum aesthetic and performance requirements that are intended to provide a well-defined degree of control over a project's quality of materials, workmanship, and/or fabrication. The AWI and SMA teams are now beginning the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) process. The Proposed Standard is available on the SMA website and is open to public comment through March 16th.

Gyro Air Dust Collectors Update

A lot has been happening at Harvey Industries in Montclair, California. The Gyro Air dust management system, which now consists of three models, is unlike any other in the world. It filters more than 99 per cent of the dust from the air stream BEFORE the particles hit the filter. The newest models come standard with remote control and HEPA grade filters. They are designed to be quieter (61-72 dB, which is about the level of voices), cleaner and greener than anything else on the market. The smallest unit has a 2 HP, 220 Volt motor, variable speed, and delivers 700 CFM through a 6" inlet. The intermediate model has a 3 HP single phase motor, and the largest unit, the G-1000, is a 4 HP, 3-phase machine that weighs in at 980 lbs and moves up to 1,600 CFM of air. Prices range from $3,495 to $13,900.



Harvey's Ambassador line consists of High-Quality, Affordable Machinery.


Harvey's Ambassador Line

Also from Harvey Industries is the Ambassador line of entry level but very high quality woodworking machinery. Harvey has been building machines for other manufacturers since 1999, so there's a lot of experience going into the design of their table and band saws. Even the least expensive saw, the C200-30, which is listed at $969, is a true cabinet saw where the motor/trunnion is mounted to the cabinet and the cast iron top can be micro-adjusted for perfect alignment. The C-14 is a 3 HP, 230 Volt single phase band saw ($1,399) with dynamically cast iron wheels, reinforced steel frame, and large cast iron table and trunnions. And at the top of the line are are the professional grade Alpha and Turbo machines.

Cabinetmaking Class at Marc Adams School

The hardest working man in woodworking, George Vondriska, will be teaching the Art & Craft of Cabinetmaking at the Marc Adams School in North Franklin, Indiana from April 27th through May 1st. This is a perfect class for serious hobbyists, and also for new professional shop employees who have a stronger background in CNC than in hands-on cabinetmaking. The key points being covered are design and industry standards, breaking down plywood sheets, planning the project, squaring and dimensioning solid lumber, making raised panel doors on a router table, drawer box construction, and installing drawer slides and European style hinges. This is an ongoing schedule - woodworkers can visit both the school website and George's site to see what's being offered, and where George is teaching next.


Vondriska to teach cabinetmaking at Marc Adams School of Woodworking

The new Axiom Iconic CNC


The New Axiom Iconic CNC

With its recent purchase of the Iconic CNC brand, Axiom Tool Group, Inc. in Westerville, Ohio is now "positioned to conquer the entry-level CNC and education markets". The company says it has reinvented the Iconic machine as the finest low-cost CNC machine ever produced. Customers can opt for a new robust steel stand and spacious toolbox to create the perfect machining center. And they can add an Iconic laser accessory to dramatically expand capabilities. Starting at $3,999, Axiom Iconic models will begin shipping in late February and pre-orders are being accepted now.

Acoustic Panels Combine Looks, Function

Woodshops that create commercial spaces may be interested in a new line of Feltkutur acoustic panels from Richelieu Hardware. They dramatically reduce bounced noises in rooms with many hard surfaces. Light yet robust, they come in a variety of formats, thicknesses, colors, and textures. They can be cut to size, molded, or applied to walls and ceilings. Duotex panels are a nonwoven felt composite suffused with a resin latex for rigidity. Offered in 4x8 sheets in 9 different colors with a class A fire rating, they can be cut into any shape and are strong enough to be used as partition walls or can be glued directly to a surface. Tekboard is a honeycomb paperboard effectively making it 75% lighter than a composite wood panel. It can be applied directly to a wall or suspended from the ceiling. And Tahmea adhesive tiles are offered in a variety of sizes and colors for quick and easily installation.



With Biturbo, Bosch is introducing the next generation of cordless tools.


European Power Tools Flex Muscles

On January 20th, Bosch in Europe launched several new BiTurbo cordless (or as they say in the U.K., 'wireless') power tools. They deliver the power equivalent of a corded tool with a single 8.0 Ah or 12.0 Ah battery. The technology includes a brushless high-performance motor and drive-train system that's engineered to take full advantage of the additional power generated by those batteries. One of the new tools is a miter saw (its U.S. equivalent is the GCM18V-08N Surgeon), which is extremely lightweight, has a cross cut capacity of 70 mm (2-3/4") at 90 degrees, blade changes without tools, an integrated laser guide and an LED worklight. The new 18V-52 GC Wireless Plunger Saw (circular saw) offers power comparable to that of a 1,400 Watt wired model and works very close to edges (as close as 11 mm or 0.43") from a wall.

OVVO Connector on Shortlist for Eurobois Trophies

Eurobois is France's main woodworking event, with 400 exhibitors and brands. The show took place from February 4-7 in Lyon. Its awards program, Trophies 2020, recognises innovation, new products and examples of technological evolution that have been introduced and developed by exhibitors. The V-1230 Connection from OVVO made the Selection Du Jury shortlist for awards this year. The hardware is available for equipment brands such as Felder, Weinig, Laguna, Biesse and Homag, among others. Also at Eurobois was a new area devoted exclusively to jobs and training. Given the difficulty of attracting qualified employees (which is true on both sides of the Atlantic!), the new Eurobois Campus was designed to provide a physical meeting place for exchanges between professionals on the exclusive theme of employment and skills.


OVVO V-1230 makes shortlist for Eurobois wawrds 2020


Workspace Organizer Assembles with Lockdowel

Temecula, California based Viper Tool Storage has introduced the Complete Garage System, which is available in black with a stainless steel top, or white with a butcherblock top. The casework is made with easy-to-assemble Lockdowel hardware. The complete system offers eight components including a locker, two-drawer base cabinet, one-drawer base cabinet, two upper wall cabinets, two steel pegboards and a 72-inch workbench. It comes in a flat-pack and assembles in about 15 minutes with Lockdowel's slide-to-lock fastening technology and no show hardware. The system's combined storage capacity is over 72,000 cubic inches and the entire cabinet system is made in the USA. Each drawer holds up to 100 pounds with ball bearing slides, soft-close hinges and gas struts. And its adjustable feet allow leveling, even on uneven floors.

A New 'Control' Model Panel Saw

This is the sixth generation of automatic traveling saws from Striebig and it boasts a huge list of features and benefits, not the least of which is a 30% faster production rate than a manual panel saw. There's a new 12" touch screen that is intuitive to operate. Electronic positioning is standard in the Y-axis for setting horizontal rip cuts, and is especially fast and accurate for repeat rip cuts. Just enter the dimension on the screen and the saw goes to that position and locks itself with digital accuracy and reliability. An EPS.X motorized X-axis stop is available for crosscuts, and that operates the same way, which is faster and more convenient than manually setting the stop. Virtually all of the set-up functions are either semi or fully automatic, including locking of the saw beam, pivoting and plunging of the saw head, and locking the rollers. Contact Colonial Saw for details.


STRIEBIG CONTROL with cutting optimization ExpertCut

Mold making and casting classes from Smooth-On


Two Day Mold Making Seminar

Woodshops involved in architectural restoration or art furniture builds often need to make casts and copies of intricate carved or turned parts. Pennsylvania based Smooth-On offers a two-day seminar with slides, videos and hands-on demonstrations that introduce craftspeople to the basics of mold making and casting, and do so in an easy-to-understand format. Attendees make their own molds and castings, and watch a variety of demonstrations and applications that are designed to open one's eyes to a world of new material possibilities - including how to make urethane plastic look like wood. Visit the website for dates and details, or click here for a YouTube video.

New Robots for 2020

In December, WoodEzine reported on Fanuc America's new CRX series of Collaborative Robots. Woodshops that are thinking about adding robotic material handling may want to check out a new video on the company's website that showcases a number of new products for 2020, including several that may soon find homes in woodshops. Among them is the R-2000iD 210FH (shown), which features high performance capabilities and payload capacities ranging from 100 to 270 kg. Compact and high speed with a slim wrist and arm, the R-2000 is "an all-rounder that is designed for all material handling applications". Fanuc is also introducing new 3D recognition products, and an assortment of smaller capacity arms. With headquarters in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Fanuc has facilities across the U.S. and in Canada, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.


New robotic products from Fanuc for 2020

The EKASILK PLUS family of foam abrasives from Uneeda


Foam Pads for Power Sanding

In January, the kitchen and bath show (KBIS) took place in Las Vegas, and Uneeda demonstrated its Ekasilk Plus foam pads for palm sanders at its booth. The company says they are up to thirty times more durable than conventional abrasives and are the answer to the most common finish sanding problems from sharp edges, contours, and tight, hard to reach spaces to fast loading, torn or broken abrasives, or simple fatigue from manual sanding. Coming in an array of sizes, grades, and thicknesses the system can "eliminate hand sanding by speeding up your finishing, giving you back your time, energy and money, all while delivering the best finish possible".The flexible latex on the abrasives layer means these products are tear-resistant and built to minimize loading. This combination makes for one of the most cost-effective solutions for finishing operations.

Compact, Mobile, Powerful Dust Collector

Oneida Air Systems in Syracuse, New York has introduced a new 14-gallon, high pressure dust collector that delivers impressive performance. The latest model in the Supercell lineup (model XSK000014-P), it is billed as "the world's first universal dust collector". It generates ten times higher suction than standard collectors, allowing it to effectively capture dust and debris through up to 100 feet of 4" hose and ductwork. The company says the new Supercell is ideal for handheld and portable tools, even small CNC routers. Its compact design can travel virtually anywhere and its certified HEPA filter, equipped with internal an pulse filter cleaner, reduces maintenance. There's a drop-down dust bin with a fill level indicator (a red light blinks when it's full), and a liner bag holder that pops out easily for emptying.


Oneida Air Systems' new Supercell™ dust collector

Lamello's Zeta P2 has a new, lower price


The Zeta P2 Has a New, Lower Price

The Zeta P2 is a profile joiner for Lamello's versatile P-System that joins components in solid wood, plywood, MDF, particleboard, plastics and solid surface materials. Available from Colonial Saw, it has an integrated vertical mechanical drive on the cutting spindle. During the cutting process, this not only cuts a biscuit-shaped slot, but also creates two small grooves along the edges of the arc. P-System fittings can be inserted into the slot/grooves, creating a form-locking anchorage. Installation depths can be changed simply by turning an adjuster, and that removes the need to change cutters. The new year is starting out right with a significant reduction in the cost of the Zeta P2. In a Systainer case with a carbide cutter (item 101402J), it's now $1,450 (down $245). And with a diamond cutter and a Systainer case (item 101402DJ), the new price has dropped by $300 to $1,550.

BESSEY One Hand Clamps (EHK Series)

At the end of 2019, BESSEY® Tools North America introduced a complete range of new, affordable, highest quality one-hand clamps. The new EHK Trigger Clamps have been engineered from the start to offer a clean design with comfortable handles, up to 600 pounds of potential clamping force, and the ability to quickly transform from clamping to spreading without using tools. All that is required is a quick push of the locking mechanism to disengage the fixed jaw, move it to the opposite end of the rail and re-engage. The EHK series offers 14 different clamps with throat depths from 1-5/8" to 3-5/8", and clamping capacity from 4-1/2" to 50". (As of mid-January, the first retailer we found stocking them was Woodpeckers.)


BESSEY One Hand Clamps(EHKSeries)

A Portable Drill Press from Rockler


A Portable Drill Press

There's nothing as frustrating as having to drill a hole that is precisely horizontal with a handheld drill. The new and very robust Portable Drill Guide from Rockler (item 52885, far left, $129.99) addresses this problem, and an optional self-centering vise (second from left, item 50916, $99.99) pretty much guarantees perfect results even in round stock. It works well in the woodshop, too, when a part is too long or too awkward to fit on a standard drill press, and it also drills at angles (up to 60 degrees). At right in the photo are two set-ups. The first shows the portable drill guide being used to drill a pen blank for wood turning, and the second shows a shop-made wooden mount that allows a woodworker to drill into the ends of long parts such as table legs. (Not yet on the Rockler website as of 2/10/2020)

Clean Up and Light Up with Makita

Coming this month (January 2020) from Makita USA is a new corded 11-gallon wet/dry vacuum with a HEPA filter. Named as model VC4210L, the vac is Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS) compatible, and has more power than its predecessor (the VC4710). It has a 12 Amp motor that generates 148 CFM of suction power and 92" of water lift. Also new is the 18Volt LXT cordless/corded Work Light (model DML809) that provides up to 10,000 lumens. The LED light offers battery operation (sold separately - a 6.0Ah 18V LXT Battery provides up to 8.5 hours of illumination on low setting and over 1.5 hours on high,) or corded operation. Dust and water-resistant, it can be tripod mounted.


New jobsite work light and 11 gallon wet dry vac from Makita

Anderson Ranch offers a class called The maloof Experience


The Maloof Experience

Located in Snowmass Village just up the road from Aspen, Colorado, the Anderson Ranch Arts Center is offering a workshop from June 29th through July 10th (2020) called The Maloof Experience: beyond the Bench. Led by instructor and Maloof co-worker Larry White, it "explores the subtle evolution of Maloof's designs paying particular attention to wood selection, form, function and edge detail. Students are guided through the design and construction process of creating a small bench, applying the Maloof aesthetic to their own designs. The finer points of woodworking covered are layout, joinery, shaping and finishing. This workshop culminates in a finished product and a deeper appreciation of Sam Maloof's contribution to the woodworking communities."

Veritas Card Scraper Burnisher

A new take on typical single-handled burnishers, this tool's innovative design permits a two-handed grip, improving control so you can roll precisely the sort of hook you want on your scraper. As comfortable to grip as a spokeshave, it is held between the thumbs and forefingers, keeping your fingertips close to the carbide rod. This gives you much better tactile feedback, which helps you maintain control of both force and angle as you run it along the edge of a scraper (typically clamped in a vise). The burnisher's relatively small size helps prevent you from pressing too hard, so you're less likely to overwork the edge. Although designed for two-handed use, it can also be maneuvered one-handed. It has a 3/16" diameter, 1" wide rod that is injection-molded into a plastic body and is compact enough to slip into an apron pocket. Lee Valley, made in Canada, item 05K2040, $12.50


Veritas Card Scraper Burnisher

New Revo 15/24 Lathe from Laguna Tools


Laguna to Introduce a 15/24 Lathe

Back in November last year, WoodEzine brought you a brief update on Laguna Tool's new Revo 12/16 lathe. On February 12th this year, the company is launching a new model, the Revo 15/24. For length (distance between centers) it fills the gap between the 12/16 and the renowned Revo 18/36 professional lathe. Laguna says it "provides space constrained users with more power and capacity". It has a sliding headstock, variable speeds from 50 to 4200 RPM, extraordinary torque, adjustable leg height, and the new Precise Point that dials in the tailstock quill to meet with the headstock center. (Shown with options.)

5-Piece Laminate Doors

Elias Woodwork has added a collection of 5-part polyester laminate doors to its catalog. There are several examples on the website, and woodshops that want to know more about the technical details and profile options can click on several links for more info. Woodworkers can customize the doors with variations of profiles and textured finishes. Matching accessory moldings and sheet goods are also available. There are currently twenty-eight door styles and twenty-three finishes available on the site. For shops that have already visited the catalog, ten of the finishes are new. There is a downloadable PDF of the entire laminate offering, and Elias also custom builds 5-piece thermofoil doors and drawer fronts to order. The plant is located in Manitoba between Winnipeg and Fargo, ND.


5-piece laminate (polyester) doors from Elias

Interesting way to build 15-foot tall turned porch posts


15-Foot Tall Turned Porch Posts

The Woodshop in Belle Fourche, South Dakota is owned and operated by the editors of WoodEzine. Recently, the shop was asked to build a dozen 15-foot tall 6x6 porch posts for a historic renovation project. A 4-foot section in the center needed to be turned. The shop planed over 700 feet of 2x6 yellow pine to 1-3/8" thickness, and then milled a square groove in half of the boards. The posts are four laminations with a 12-foot 1x1 steel bar running up the center. The top, bottom and turning were all made as separate sections and wrapped around the steel, which was locked in with construction adhesive. The wood was joined with Titebond III, and the bottom 15" was treated SYP to combat moisture problems over the years.

High Production Straight Plunge Collections

Amana Tool has introduced two new sets of straight plunge bits. AMS-104 is an 8-piece set with 1/2" shanks that includes 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" (in both 1" and 1-1/2" cutting heights), 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" and 1" diameter cutters and are designed for solid wood, MDF and plywood. The set comes in a 12" x 6" x 3" wooden storage box with a clear Plexiglas lid. The other set, AMS-103, features 1/4" shanks and cutting diameters from 1/16" to 3/4". Both sets are made with A Max harder carbide for extended life, and both are rated for portable routers, router tables and CNCs. Amana bits feature silver induction brazing for maximum carbide bonding strength, and the bodies are manufactured in a single clamping for superior balance, symmetry, precision and centricity.


High production straight plunge router bits from Amana Tool

The Crucible card scraper


A New, Old Card Scraper

Card scrapers are usually rectangles or squares, and most of us bow the tool with our thumbs to present a curved cutting edge to the wood. Many woodworkers with arthritis can't do that. Welsh chairmaker Chris Williams has designed a scraper that is gently curved along both long edges and has a second, accelerated curve at the corners. It works brilliantly on both flat and curved surfaces and you don't need to bend it with your thumbs. Author and builder Chris Schwartz and his business partner John Hoffman are now offering a version of it through Lost Art Press. The Crucible Card Scraper is made from 1095 spring steel that has been hardened and tempered to a Rockwell (C) hardness of 48 to 51. The scraper comes with a magnet, which acts as a heat sink while scraping. Made in the USA. $20

Hangman's No Stud Smart Shelf™

Simi Valley, California is home to Hangman Products, which has created a collection of shelves that seamlessly display soundbars, streaming devices and speakers. They install with only tiny picture nails and a hammer (no need to find a stud), which allows users to display a smart device virtually anywhere. In addition to the shelves (shown at right), The company also makes the No Stud Sound Bar Shelf™, the No Stud TV Hanger® that supports televisions up to 65", and the All Surface TV Hanger, which is Hangman's newest product outside the No Stud family. This device can hang a television on virtually any surface including brick, concrete, wood and drywall. It is UL rated for televisions from 32-80" in diameter. Rounding out the new products is the ProTrac™ Wall Organizer. The entire collection will be available online in February.


HANGMAN’s No Stud Smart Shelf™ installs with only tiny picture nails and a hammer

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