June 2020

Woodworking news and new products


Per a June 11th press release from IWF...

"The decision to cancel North America’s oldest and largest woodworking event could not and did not come easily. At the same time, the conditions and circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic - including accompanying travel restrictions and federal, state and local governmental regulations - have made it impossible to stage IWF 2020 without endangering the health and safety of all exhibitors, attendees and the Atlanta community at large."


IWF Show Still A Go

ShopBot's new Virtual Workshop  

Meet the Engineers...

A new online instruction series from ShopBot Tools Inc called the Virtual Workshop is an excellent resource for woodworkers who are either thinking of getting a CNC, or have just done so. It's simple, to the point and easy to use. There are links to live demos and recorded training sessions, plus tours of production sites and workshops.Company engineers also host live demos and training sessions at least twice a week. Participants can chat with the trainer during the event using instant messaging (IM), or ask questions at the end using an interactive forum. Ryan Patterson, a product engineer at ShopBot, says that "we enjoy being able to share tips and techniques live, and sometimes even our own mishaps, with our customers. It's important to us that they continue to maximize their skills and use of our tools."

Italian Machinery Woes - Updated June 9

A new report from Acimall, the Italian woodworking equipment industry organization, indicates that 2019 was not a great year even before Covid 19 struck. Machinery and tool manufacturers in that country have now assessed the pandemic's effect during the first quarter of 2020. The earlier report had stated that the 2019 market for Italian woodworking machinery and tools was down by 9.9 percent from 2018. In the first quarter of 2020, orders shrunk by 21.1 per cent compared to the same period in 2019. The industry saw a decline of 19.4 per cent in international demand, and 25.3 per cent domestically. Revenue was down by 8.8 per cent, but that is based largely on prior orders. Of business owners surveyed, 63 per cent believe the downward trend will continue.



Loox5 LED lighting system from Hafele  

Easier, Better Cabinet LEDs

The new Loox5 LED lighting system from Hafele is "easier to install and infinitely smarter than the system it replaces". The new system includes a significant increase in performance, as well as an updated range of new and in-demand linear lighting options for designers, woodworkers and architects. These include high-quality Samsung LEDs, narrower LED strip lights with increased lighting quality, a guaranteed lifetime of 50,000 hours, new profiles for recess and surface mounting applications that are available in a variety of designs and finishes, a new modular and flexible distributor system (inset photo) to simplify planning and installation, and new drivers that are designed for 24-7 continuous operation.

Making Miters in Thin Material

Lamello's U.S.importer, Colonial Saw, has uploaded a new video about the baby brother to the company's popular Tenso P-14 connector, the Tenso P-10. Its small dimensions make it ideal for clamping together miters or bevels in thin material down to 9/16", and it still has almost all the strength of its larger relative. The video shows the P-10 being used to miter some 5/8: melamine-coated particleboard. It also illustrates using the hardware to create perfect connections in mitered crown molding (see photo). Lamello advises using its pre-load clips, an optional accessory, with the P-10 to ensure easy fits. The Tenso system uses an arc-shaped recess with small grooves at the edges, and the plastic inserts have matching flanges that slide into these and lock in place.


Lamello video on the Tenso P-10

Brian Boggs teaches card scrapers  

How To Sharpen & Use Scrapers

On May 20th, Brian Boggs uploaded a riveting 20-minute video to YouTube™ about sharpening and using card scrapers. His introduction says that, "as with any instruction on techniques, the best we can hope to do is to help you understand how and why something is done. You’ll need to set time aside to practice for the sake of skill development, rather than getting a task done. Sharpen your scrapers daily whether they need it or not. Pay attention to the differences from one sharpening to another. What are you doing differently to cause those variables? Practice consistently and practice consistency. And have fun! You will eventually get results that will change the way you think about scraping."

Cope Discs and Heads for W&H, Shopfox Knives

Now woodworkers can use knives that were made for Williams & Hussey or Shopfox molders on either a shaper or moulder using one of these heads. The specs include a requirement that the holes in the knives must be able to accept 3/8" bolts. The 4" heads are made with 1-1/4" bore, and the 4-13/16" heads have a 1-1/2" (40mm) bore. Woodworkers will need to specify the size when ordering. Heads with larger bores are also available, and are quoted on request. The new heads are weight relieved, have a 25 degree cutting angle for a cleaner cut, are 3/4" thick and have 60 degree corrugations. On some machines, two can be used together with a spacer to produce tenons. Custom heads can also made to any machines specifications. See page 30 of the catalog.


Charles G G Schmidt offers cope discs and heads for W&H and Shopfox knives

Pollmeier introduces Heartcore  

HeartCore is a New Take on Beech

Panel HeartCore by Pollmeier is a solid hardwood panel made of European beech. It's also available as boards (HeartCore Board) and wall panel (HeartCore Shiplaps). By controlling the manufacturing process from the procurement of logs to the finished product, Pollmeier is able to guarantee 100 per cent sustainable products, which are made in Germany. In addition, the company's highly automated processing and drying regimens consistently ensure top quality products. Panel HeartCore is a single-layer solid panel made up of several laminations glued together. The layers in the panel show the typical characteristics of beech, especially the center pith. Natural, rustic characteristics such as knots, minor cracks and calico color are also typical for this wood species.

Alphacam 2021 Release

Updates to the Automation Manager in this latest version will help users prepare jobs for processing, and perform some management tasks. Product manager Chip Martin talked about some of the upgrades and mentioned that users can now control the order of toolpaths while defining how the part will be machined, but the Machining Order option can still be used for ordering operations by tool. The Automation Manager now shows the list of parts that couldn't be nested, so the operator can either cancel them or process them in a future job. And an option to create a new job containing only the parts that could be nested is also available for further automation. For more info, visit the website.


Alphacam 2021

Durr EcoPaintJet  

No Overspray, Two Colors

You may be looking at the next revolution in cabinet painting. The spray head at left, attached to a roboitic arm, delivers paint with no overspray and the ability to spray two colors without masking. The EcoPaintJet from Durr is already in use in automotive finishing and it combines a robot, a very sophisticated measuring system and the applicator (head) to deliver highly defined coating. The measuring system uses sensors to measure the chosen surface and sends that data to the control software. The software then constantly calculates exactly how the applicator should travel over the surface, and how much paint has to be dispensed. The fact that it doesn't produce overspray makes it cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Demo CNCs at a Discount

"We'd rather sell it than move it." That's the word from Laguna Tools, which is opening a new 115,000 square foot manufacturing facility and showroom in Grand Prairie, Texas. The company is selling off its remaining CNC machinery at the current California location, so now may be the best time to invest or upgrade at a discounted price (up to thirty per cent off). To see the available machines, click here. They include SmartShops, SmartShop IIs, iQ machines, iQ Pros, Custom Swifts, a SmartShop III with a Fanuc control and servos, and several CO2 lasers that are currently listed at 40% off.


Laguna is having a moving sale

PaintLine Introduces Portable Jobsite Spray Booth  

Jobsite or Small Shop Portable Booth

PaintLine's new spray booth, the Portable Jobsite Spray Booth (PJSB, $650), can be set up by one person in 15 minutes with no tools. It includes a frame, 3 disposable liners and a carry bag. Kyle Robinson, president of PaintLine, says that woodworkers can end up spending too much time and money on temporary plastic barriers, and with the PJSB they can do spraying, finishing and even processing work like sanding, routing, or tile cutting. It weighs 45 lbs, measures 6'-8" each way, and can be set up with an optional ventilation attachment, air filter, ducting and blower system.

Free Training for Homebound Woodworkers

For cabinet and furniture shop employees who are stuck at home during a mandatory or voluntary isolation, CNC Software, Inc. is making some of its Mastercam CAD/CAM software available for training purposes. The company is offering free training in a full set of core classes available, for free, so users can sharpen their skills. From now until July 31, 2020, users can sign up on Mastercam University, which offers 24/7 access to fully online training. The courses are designed to be self-paced. Each lesson contains a set of learning objectives, assessment questions and challenges to be completed. Users will earn a certificate for each course that is completed. Courses include Mastercam Essentials STEM: Principles of Machining Mastercam 2D Mill (for both 2019 and 2020 versions) and Mastercam 3D Mill (for both 2019 and 2020 versions).


Mastercam offers free training during Covid 19

Bosch introduces a  16 Amp Turbo Charger  

A 16 Amp Turbo Charger

Woodworkers can boost power tool productivity and performance while minimizing downtime with Bosch's new Hell-Ion 18V high-powered 16-amp turbo charger (item GAL18V-160C). It delivers eight times the charging current of its standard counterparts, offering both fast and faster lithium-ion battery charging. The on-board Power Boost Mode charges a CORE18V 8.0Ah Lithium-ion battery to 50 per cent charge in 15 minutes, or to 80 per cent in 26 minutes. The new charger is also the first of its kind to offer battery diagnostics via connectivity. It can connect via Bluetooth Connectivity Module (GCY42 sold separately) to a smart device to enable more control over charging preferences, and allow the user to monitor charging levels and status. Two additional charging functions, Max Lifetime and Storage modes are available through Bosch's Toolbox App. The new chargers with Power Boost are available now.

A New Collection of Panels

PurDeco™ GlossTouch™ is a new, high gloss panel program from Olon. The company says that "the vibrant color clarity and on-trend neutral solid colors make for a beautiful collection that greatly complements other building materials and adds a contemporary flair to any furniture or cabinet design". All of Olon's panel production, including stock collections and custom lamination, now fall under the PurDeco umbrella. This was done to create a solidified program in North America using PUR glue technology for panels available in Canada and the U.S. Product is made at two facilities to ensure uninterrupted, local service - Georgetown, Ontario and Jeffersonville, Indiana. Stock collections such as VelourTouch™, GlossTouch and Essentials include ultra-matte, high gloss and satin painted finishes.


The PurDeco GlossTouch collection from Olon

Vertongen Kitchen Door Cell from Stiles Machinery  

One Person, 8 Hours... 400 Doors

Stiles Machinery in Michigan is offering the Profiler Kitchen Compact from the Belgian manufacturer Vertongen. This is a CNC-controlled molder with a vertical spindle. Many different profiles of kitchen stiles and rails such as ogee, bead or Shaker can be created without manually having to stop and change set-ups. The vertical spindle has a length of 300mm (11+ inches) and can accommodate stacking tools. The machine can be combined with a Pentho Compact Kitchen single-end tenoner with a cut-off saw to become a complete production line.

Evaporative Coolers for the Woodshop

Four new evaporative cooler (swamp cooler) models from Big Ass Fans in Lexington, Kentucky can quickly and efficiently cool a workshop by up to 33F degrees. Aptly named Cold Front, they combine powerful, quiet direct-drive fan technology with a water supply and a saturated cooling medium. They also allow shops to save on air conditioning costs, and have quiet, variable speed motors. They run on household 110 Volt power, and prices range from $700 (600 sq ft) to $5,100 (6,500 sq ft). The interim models work for spaces up to 1,200 and 3,600 sq ft respectively. Cold Front coolers come with an industry leading 5-year warranty.


Cold Front evaporative coolers from Big Ass Fans

HP5D – horizontal bore, dowel and panel grooves from Pillar Machine  

Bore, Groove, Glue, Insert

The all-new HP5D from Pillar Machine in Utah is designed to machine parts used in TFL, TFM, paper wrapped, vinyl wrapped or thermofoil doors. It's a horizontal boring, dowel insertion and panel groove machining center. It is designed to CNC position a drill spindle, bore a hole, position the dowel inserter, inject glue or water (for pre-glued dowels), and insert the dowel into the hole. It will also cut panel grooves in the door stile and rail material. There are two fixed zones and two pop up zones in the base model HP5D, so while one part is being machined, the other can be loaded and queued.

Eat Up Those Leftovers

Got a big ole bin full of cut-offs, remnants, partial sheets? You're not alone. The new InStock inventory program from Cary, North Carolina based Eurosoft, Inc. is a powerful time-and-money saving software tool. It is designed to give shop managers the ability to optimize, organize and track stock material, as well as use up all those remnants that might otherwise go to waste. The way it works is that it allows a woodshop to design and maintain a tailored inventory that can include both full-sized sheets and off-cuts that are organized by remnant sizes. The contents of the database can be pulled directly into optimization software, allowing optimizations to be run against an accurate reflection of the current real-world material quantities and sizes on hand in the factory.


In Stock software from EuroSoft

Axiom Tool Group to resume classes  

VCarve Classes Resume in June

Axiom Tool Group, Inc. is re-opening its training courses on Vectric software and its complete line-up of CNC machining centers. This training will occur monthly at the Columbus, Ohio headquarters, and will provide attendees with an in-depth education in VCarve/Aspire 2D, 2.5D and 3D. Students also receive hands-on training on machines, and the tuition for woodshops to send an employee is $299 for each two-day training event. Based upon guidelines set forth by the State of Ohio, Axiom will be following all recommended safety precautions including providing hand sanitizer, masks, and nightly disinfecting of the classroom facility. Attendees are required to practice social distancing, and class sizes have been reduced to a maximum of 10. There are Level 1, 2 and 3 classes available.

Masks with Poly/Cotton Soft Blend

These face coverings from New York based Uneeda Enterprises are designed for comfort. They're made in the USA and come in one color, Uneeda Blue. The part number is 106246. They are both washable (in cold water, air-dry) and reusable, and are a two-ply construction with a pocket for a filter. Disposable filter inserts (106244) are also available, and the company recommends replacing used filters each day. The minimum order for the masks is 100 (see note below), and the case lot is 1,000 units. Freight is FOB New York, payment is by credit card only, and due to the personal nature of the masks, returns will not be accepted. Note: for small shops, Uneeda does also sell masks in its online store in packs of 6.


Uneeda Poly-Cotton Soft Face Coverings and Disposable Filters

HDI Launches DesignOneSource  

HDI Launches Design One Source

Hardwoods Distribution Inc. launched its new DesignOneSource at the end of May. It's an online resource for cabinet and furniture designers, where they can explore options from leading global suppliers and front-of-trend interior decor products. It provides "instant access to design inspiration, trend insight, vendor coordination, and training and technical product support". The team includes fifteen experienced industry professionals, and creating a project just got easier with over 500,000 SKUs that are integrated with real time material tracking, order processing, and inventory status. The DesignOneSource website offers project imagery, documents, tools and numerous support services. Designers can find on-demand product education, or experience 3D environments with expansive customization options when they use the virtual reality design tools.

OVVO Now Available in 32mm x 10mm

The Irish manufacturer of quick action plastic casework connectors, OVVO, has won awards all over the world for its V-1230. Now the celebrated hardware comes in a new version that is available as both a releasable (knock-down) and permanent RTA connector. The new product has 10mm pins that are set on 32mm centers, and it allows woodshops to assemble panels as thin as 12mm (1/2"). OVVO connectors are ideally suited to CNC-based manufacturing processes, are invisible, and the new OVVO V-1230 for Drilling requires no end milling. The connectors can save time and money with minimal disruption to an existing manufacturing process.


New OVVO connector features 10mm pins and 32mm centers

DeWALT debuts a cordless roofing nailer, the DCN45RN  

DeWALT Debuts A Cordless Roofing Nailer

Ideal for service repairs and small jobs, the new 20V MAX 15 degree cordless coil roofing nailer (DCN45RN) from DeWALT requires no hoses, compressors, or gas cartridges. It can drive the full range of roofing fasteners from 3/4" to 1-3/4" and get the job done quickly and efficiently. It has bump actuation mode and tool-free depth adjustment that provides precise nail placement. The nailer is ideal for service and repair jobs, small production work, flashing and shingling around windows, skylights, and vents. It drives 500 nails per charge and can fire up to three nails per second. The nailer can install up to one square (100 square feet) of asphalt roofing shingles per charge at four nails per shingle, using a 2.0Ah Battery (DCB203). There's a tool-free stall release that returns the driver blade in the event of a jam, a 120-nail capacity and a standard nail canister. The tool features an efficient brushless motor for long runtime and motor life. Available in early summer 2020.

Cordless 1" D-handle Impact Wrench

Woodworkers who need to fasten 2" or longer bolts will appreciate the world's first cordless 1" D-handle high torque impact wrench. The M18 FUEL™ wrench with the One-Key™ app delivers up to 1,900 foot pounds of fastening torque. According to the company, it's "the world's most powerful cordless impact wrench". The 2868-22HD combines three exclusive innovations, a Powerstate™ brushless motor, Redlink Plus™ intelligence and a RedLithium™ battery pack. The motor packs more torque for demanding applications, while the intelligence aspect ensures maximum performance and protects the tool against overloads, overheating, and over-discharge. With a High Output™ battery Pack, the tool can install up to two hundred 1-1/4" bolts.


Milwaukee introduces world’s first cordless 1” D-handle high torque impact wrench

Veritas Cabinet Hinge Template 05H0180  

Veritas Cabinet Hinge Template

Designed to work with a template guided router, the 05H0180 jig delivers a clean, precisely sized mortise that requires no trimming other than to square the corners with a chisel. The template has a 4-1/2" x 7-1/2" acrylic plate that registers against one surface of the workpiece and a 9-3/4" long pine fence that registers against the perpendicular surface to ensure accurate positioning. Accommodating hinge leaves from 1/2" to 2" long and from 1/4" to 1" wide, it has an adjustable opening that butts against the edges of each hinge, setting the dimensions by direct reference, so any size variations between individual pieces of hardware won’t result in errors in your finished work. There's a YouTube™ Video.

Drilling Guide For Blum Tandem Slides

This package from Rockler (item 68029) includes two powerful jigs that speed the process of installing Blum Tandem undermount drawer slides. The Drilling Guide allows accurate installation of drawer members, while the pistol-style Slide Jig allows fast installation of cabinet members. Powerful rare earth magnets on the Slide Jig hold the drawer slide as you drive the screws. The Drilling Guide locates all required holes for mounting the slides to your drawers. Butt it up to the front corners to drill the smaller angled holes. Hook it over the notch for the larger holes in the rear. Included are two 2.5mm drill bits, one 6mm drill bit, two stop collars and a hex wrench. The package works with Blum Tandem Plus, Tandem Edge and Movento drawer slides.


Rockler JIG IT Undermount Drilling Guide with Drawer Slide Jig 68029

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