The links below revisit a few of the articles that have appeared in Woodezine over the last fourteen years.
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You can also find techniques and methods in our Woodshop Basics handbook.

A how-to article on the end table at left is here.

A layman's guide to the latest wood industry terminology.
A look at the furniture finalists
Every woodworker needs to know
When a regular nail won't do
Thinking of buying a CNC?
New Technology
A short intro to our series
An Irish company brings a clever new push and click connector to the U.S.
Everything new at the Las Vegas show. Part 1 of 2
Everything new at the Las Vegas show. Part 2 of 2
A Celebration of woodturning at the feet (foots?) of the Rockies.
Where would a woodshop use them? You'd be surprised...
Sharpening machines that use water.
"Resin can be made to resemble wood, duplicating every chisel mark in a carving."
Have you ever wondered if the glue you're using is really the best choice for the job?
Once you understand the physics involved, the breakage problem disappears.
East Teak offers a wide range of hardwood species, including some recycled rosewood.
A guide to the industry's grading, cut and measurement language.
The difference between universal and induction motors...
There are several ways in which mills cut veneers, and each delivers a distinct pattern...
Adding a phase converter can open the door to used professional machinery and bigger motors.
A couple of shop tricks to help handle that annoying divot chewed by a planer.
A Wisconsin forestor has lots of answers for anyone who wants to harvest and/or dry lumber.
Combining ceramic and carbide, a West Coast manufacturer has changed sawblade science.
Here are five inspirational pieces by renowned artists, with links to their websites.
A brief overview of this efficient way to spray sealers, stains and topcoats.
A very brief but quite informative intro to the parts and properties of bench planes.
A very basic and heavy MDF base for a wood lathe, easy to build and pretty vibration-free.
An easy-to-build project and a great gift. Note - have the hardware in hand before you begin!
A very brief intro to segmented turning, with a link to Bill Kandler's site and his video on this.
Here's a real challenge for woodworkers who want to get out of the shop in summer...
Build a heavy-duty featherboard for your table saw.
This is a link to the plans for building the pine end table shown at the top of the page.

And here are some links to a few of the articles that John has written for Woodcraft Magazine...

Pocket Hole Joinery
Mortise & Tenon Joinery
Build a Sharpening Center
Raising Panels on a Shaper

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